Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have purposely stayed away from blogging my political views and opinions, although I clearly have who I support in the upcoming Presidential Election on my side bar for all to see. Prior to the primary we had supported Huckabee.

I just want to comment on two programs that have been shown lately. The hour long each Rick Warren Forum of Obama & McCain last Friday night and the McCain - Obama Revealed programs aired last night on CNN. Since we have church on Wednesday nights we taped the broadcasts and viewed them this morning.

Regardless of who you support, or why, I just hope everyone is availing themselves to these types of programs which are truly giving us a broad view of the two candidates.

My first election to vote in after turning 21 was the 1960 election of Kennedy vs Nixon. I have voted in every election since, which is a total of 13 Presidential elections.

Never before, in all these many years, have we been privileged to get a "real" look at the 2 men running for this great office. Nor have we ever had, so easily at our fingertips, so much information about the candidates. In past years we have had to depend on Political Advertising by the candidates and "sound bites" the press chose to pick up and highlight.

I know CNN has a very liberal bent, but we are not able to get Fox News on our D*is*h network without paying extra for it, which we don't do. I am grateful to CNN for airing these informative shows about these two men, their background, where they have come from, their good points and their faults. I have felt like the coverage was fair. I feel these shows and the Rick Warren Form have given all of us the information we need to confirm our decision, help us make a decision if we were undecided, or even perhaps change our minds.

I would love to hear your opinions about the shows and if you agree that we have never before had the information needed to make an intelligent decision as we have this election.

November 4, 2008 a most important date-------VOTE!!!!!!

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Shirley said...

Unfortunately, I didn't see any of the broadcasts, but I am still for McCain. I am disgusted by the liberal bent of most of the media, too.
Thanks for the post!
How's Mickey?

Humble wife said...

You can watch Fox news on line...

I agree that one can find oodles of info that the MSM(main stream media) have in years past not always published.

I am completely stunned at the candidates that are for both parties...perhaps the conventions will change things?

I am extremely conservative, and not too impressed with McCain...yet the unknowns of Obama and his stands on America, who the middle class are, taxes, the border, seeking approval by the Europeans, distasteful of his lineage(white side)...and on and on leave me disgusted with the Left, the media, and the slant that has been tilted towards Obama being the messiah(savior of the party)

Again I feel as though the democrat convention will be very illuminating with such prominence being given to the Clintons...


kc bob said...

I did enjoy the Warren interviews and thought that they were very helpful. Since I already knew the candidates positions on the issues I tried to look for other things.. their demeanor.. do they come across prideful or humble.. do they feel that they have all of the answers or are they open to others idea.. you get the picture.

This year I am trying to really discern the voice of the Spirit.. looking for the things that the candidates don't say.. what kind of advertisements they are running.. are they promoting civility in their campaigns.. or are they ascribing to politics as usual?

I do not like where our country is today. We are in deep deep debt. We are fighting in another country's civil war.. a country that has oil that could help our country.. we have no plans for funding social security and medicare.. I know a lot of people (comes with the pastor territory) that have no health care.. and immigration is a huge mess.

All in all I am not comfortable with the choices this November.. we all need to hear the voice of God's spirit before we vote.

I hope this doesn't come across too negative Susan.. having voted Republican since Reagan I am simply frustrated about where our country is today.. not that I won't vote the way that I always have :)

Thanks for letting me vent.

Blessings, Bob

Charlotte said...

I totally identify with you on this one. I am so glad we get Fox News. We have cable. We had company over the weekend so we didn't get to watch the CNN special. We were too busy visiting. I have heard a lot about it though and seen a few snippets of it. I have stayed away from politics on my blog as well, but I do feel very strongly about it. I'm voting for McCain although I'm not excited about it. But the alternative is really scarey to me. I know that God is in control and that eventually everything will turn out right, but I also know that God also allows us to do some very dumb things and then we have to pay for them. I am glad to see the polls swinging in McCain's favor although you can't always trust the polls. I have certainly been praying about this for a long time. I, too, voted in 1960 the first time and have voted every time since. When I voted in 1960 I had just come home from the hospital a few days before when my daughter was born.

Tina said...

I haven't seen the Rick Warren interview but I would like to. THough I am no huge fan of McCain, he is who I would support right now. The stuff I know about Obama is just downright scary.. not to mention how untrustworthy he seems. I can't even stomach to watch him anymore. Good thing we know WHO is really in charge of this election, huh?

It is so wonderful to be able to trust in the ONE TRUE GOD!

Sue Seibert said...

I will vote...and we work each election, as well. And I will vote for McCain because he's the lesser of the evils. Have you read what Thomas Sowell's Random Thought...I agree: .

How is Mickey??

Anonymous said...

I've only heard bit and pieces from the interview. I think you know my opinion if you received the YouTube I sent your way. I can only say...I AM PRO LIFE!

Susan Skitt said...

It was a very interesting forum. I still believe that our options aren't very good this time around - kind of like picking the lesser of two evils.

But God is Sovereign and in Him I trust. May His Kingdom come - quickly.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Since we were on vacation, we missed Warren's interviews. I would really like to see them, do you know where we can access them? I'm very interested in what McCain said about abortion.

We'll vote for McCain mainly because we don't trust Obama! We usually never vote for anyone who is for abortion though.

I don't talk about politics on my blog, but maybe I should!


kc bob said...

It occurred to me as I was getting the comments via email that two commenters mentioned voting for the lesser of two evils.. I have heard this a lot lately.

Does it strike you a bit odd that people would be voting for evil.. albeit the lesser evil :)

Unknown said...

I loved the Rick Warren forums. McCain definitely won there! I get the impression that he truly is a humble man. In my opinion, Obama hems and haws too much. I don't feel he answered anything very succinctly that night.

I hate how the media and so called comedians are presenting McCain's age as a deficit. I find it a plus! Someone with a perspective of wisdom and experience is what we need. The making fun of aging is so ugly! What is it teaching our young people?

Momma Roar said...

In all the years we're married (with the exception of about 8 months) we've had the most limited cable option - 20 channels - just the basics. So, unfortunately, we weren't able to view these. We did happen to be at my parents house during the Rick Warren forum but could only catch a little of what was being shared.

In light of this, we've decided to upgrade our cable, so that we can catch these types of things (and Monday night football, LOL).

I do appreciate that such things are aired - even though later, they tried to accuse McCain of having previously heard the questions.