Saturday, August 23, 2008


First Dave, although we haven't seen it yet!!!, and then Benny have recently bought motorcycles. Last Sunday Benny "rode" over to show us the used Har*ley David*son he bought. Mickey is checking it out :o)
Very nice....of course that is par for Benny.

A better view of the Har*ley, Benny & Jacque. Look at the happy look on those faces. Look at ALL that chome. I don't know which is shining the brightest.

Away they go!!! YES, they got the helmet lecture from Mom & Dad!!!!!

Since attending Bible School in June we have been getting Aric every Wednesday to attend church with us. He is in the Royal Rangers program. A youth program for young boys in our Assembly of God similar to Bo*y Scou*ts where they earn badges, etc. except all the lessons are Biblical. Mickey has been going into the class with Aric the past 2 weeks so that we will understand the program completely and be able to help him on the home front. We ordered parts of his uniform a week ago but it hadn't come in by this week..
Once school started we asked his dad, Marc, if we could continue by picking him up at school every Wednesday and having him spend the night with us. Then I drive him into Tulsa on Thursday morning in time to be at school by 7:40. We pick him up at 2:35 and then go to Mc*Don*alds for apple pie and he plays on the R*Gym equipment while Granddad & I have a cup of senior coffee, with out pie's of course!!!
Here is Granddad talking to him early Thursday morning about getting up and out of bed.

They were having so much fun "playing" that I had to get a picture. It is such a joy for us to have this special time with our one & only grandson, and youngest grandchild.
STILL not a word from VA on the tests Mickey had on the 15th in Oklahoma City. We thought surely by Friday, one week, we would hear something but have not.
We are standing with "No news is good news" but it is very flustrating, especially for Mickey. We are so very moved and touched with all the prayers going up in his behalf and the inquiries and concern you wonderful blog friends have shown us.
It is still amazing to me how God has used this little Penless blog to bless our lives in so many ways.
Prayer, and standing with each other is what it is all about!!
The Bible is clear in
"Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep" Romans 12:15


Pen of Jen said...

How fantastic that you have such special times with Aric...and that you can create a tradition that I know he will remember and carry his whole life.

Praying for Mickey...I know waiting for the results is tedious...good to see you are filling the days.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love the pictures of Mickey and that darling grandson. Praying you hear on the tests.

Sue Seibert said...

The pictures of Mickey and the grandson are wonderful! Sorry you still haven't heard. Our dr. is all about no news is good news, and I hate that!!

jennifaye said...

How cool that you pick your grandson up to go to Royal Rangers. When I was a missionette leader in my old church (I taught Rainbows) we had some littleuns that were brought by grandparents. It made a huge impression on them. What a blessing you are to him and he is to you.

... said...

will continue to pry.

how nice it must be to have aric the time that you do. what a blessing for all of you.

... said...

*um... that should say pray - not PRY! lol

Jill said...

I'm catching up again, Susan...didn't get much blog reading in last week. What a special time with your grandson on Wednesdays! He'll never forget those times. We have my father-in-law here this week with us from HASKELL, OKLAHOMA!

Tina said...

those pictures were precious. Aric sure is blessed! Praying for you and Mickey to have God's peace overwhelm you.

Barbara said...

Congrats. to the winner of the Shack. Surely frustrating for you not to have had the results. Hope yu will get them early this coming week.
Adorable pic. of Mickey and Grandson.

Anonymous said...

That is a really wonderful thing you are doing with Aric. I know that will mean so much to him. I also loved the pictures of Mickey waking him up. It actually brought a lump to my throat!! My dad also has a special way with my boys, and whenever they spend time with him, you can just see them start to thrive!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Unknown said...

You captured a very precious moment there! Mickey reminds me of my dad with Shane!

Momma Roar said...

I want to see pictures of you on there!!!!

I love the picture of Mickey and Aric!