Monday, April 6, 2009


A few years ago I bought this Kenneth Copeland recording and mailed it to our son.
My prayer this Easter week is for ALL the prodigals to return to their God.


I have returned to the God of my childhood.

To the same simple faith. As a child I once knew.

Like the prodigal son I longed for my loved ones,

For the comforts of home, And the God I outgrew.

I have returned to the God of my childhood.

Bethlehem's babe--prophet Messiah.

He's Jesus to me, Eternal Deity,

Praise his name. I have returned.

I have returned to the God of my mother

With unfailing faith. For the child of her heart.

She said, "Bring him up in the way that you want him.

Thank God when he's grown. He'll never depart.

I have returned to the God of my mother

I learned at her knee. He's the Lily of the Valley.

I have returned to the God of my father.

The most God-like man a child could know.

I just heard a shout from the angels in glory

Praising the Lord, A child has come home.

I have returned to the Yahweh of Judah,

On my knees I did fall.

This lesson I learned as I worked my way homeward,

The Savior of all - Is a comfort to man.

I have returned to the Father of Abraham.

The Shepherd of Moses,

Who called him, "The Great I Am."

Sweet Jesus to me, Eternal Deity,

Praise his name. I have returned.

(Words by Marijohn Wilkin)
(Sung by Kenneth Copeland)

LORD JESUS, grant it is my plea.

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GoodPlans said...

Thank you for posting this. Someone sent me this song when my daughter left home. It holds a special place in my heart, and I agree with you for all the prodigals to come home.

Brenda said...

Though you might not see the progress outwardly, be assured your prayers are effective in bringing your children back to the Lord.
Sunny is a testimony to the fact of the effectual, fervent prayers of 2 grandmothers who interceded continually on his behalf (along with nearly all of their grandchildren).
God bless

groovyoldlady said...

Oh... wow.

My heart has been so heavy for my prodigal the past couple of weeks.

Desperately heavy for him and his "fatherless" children and his "husbandless" wife.

But God keeps speaking hope to me. He keeps speaking hope.

Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I know He hears us and watches over our children. May their hearts be soft and open to the move of the Holy Spirit as He draws them unto himself.

Mountain Mama said...

I add my AMEN to this wonderful post. I have been waiting for my prodigal too. I haven't seen him or spoken to him in months.

Please Lord God.

retha said...

I will never claim to have knowledge of this hurt/longing, and pray it will stay like this, all I have is a bit of thinking it is so deep one can only have tears and a prayer for those whose lives are touched in this way.

LORD please give an extra measure of mercy to the parents having and helping to endure! And not a moment longer than what is necessary.

Joy said...

I pray this is the testimony of all prodigals.


Maxine said...

How beautiful! I have never heard this, but the words are so powerful. I hope that none of our children (or grandchildren) will go astray, but if they do, I hope they will return to the God they have learned while under our roof.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful both of my children are faithful Christians. It must be heartbreaking to have a prodigal child. What a good post this is.

Dawn said...

Our prodigal needs prayer - come over and read about it, when you have a minute.

Carole Burant said...

Dear Susan,

I've never heard of this song but after reading the words to it, it really touched my heart and will look online if I can find the recording. You're so right, may all the prodigals find their way home!! xoxo

Barbara said...

Wishing you a very blessed Easter Susan and good to see Mickey getting to grips with his garden.

Anonymous said...


Dawn said...

Re your comment - we had no idea until recently either. I love the scripture you shared and will be sending it to Kev as soon as he can have mail.

This prodigal thing isn't for the faint of heart!

nancy said...

Susan, Thanks for sharing this. I feel like I am, myself,coming around full circle, not as a prodigal, but as a traveller through this life. Having come through so many facets of faith and Christian living -- this is a beautiful and comforting lyric. Things are a lot more simple than we think.
God bless you, my friend, and Mickey too.

Kathy said...

I had forgotten these wonderful lyrics. Thank you for posting these Susan. Jesus understands the heart of those who love the prodigal, and He understands and waits with longing for the prodigal.

Sohailah said...

thank you for that. My heart has also been sad for a few prodigals that I know. Love you!

michelle said...

Beautiful! We have a "prodical" in my family. He returned home now needs to return to Him!

inspired said...

Love from the Salems \o/\O/\o/

inspired said...

Hi Susan i tried to visit our friend Ginger`s blog blog but was unable.. trust all is well with her and her loved ones.. The Salem BoYz ;o]

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and how timely. One of my prayers for prodicals is that God would send someone into the pathway of that particular person to minister to them.
Luke 9:38 Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth labourers into his harvest.


Anonymous said...


The "God of my childhood" Returning to Him. What a beautiful, beautiful post that resonates deeply with me. This is THE perfect Easter post.

Our Jesus returned (though never a prodigal!)to His father and came back to show the doubter his palms. I would have needed to see His palms...How glad I am He woos the prodigals. I will join with you again in prayer for this.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you for posting this. It was nice to read through the comments and know that I'm not alone.

Have a wonder Easter!

Barbara said...

Amen, don't we long for the return of the prodigals and especially for the ones close to us.