Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We begin our Sunday with our own private Bible reading and prayer time. Don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but we are currently reading the New Testament in The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order (NIV) I bought Mickey for his birthday last November. It is very interesting.

We had a guest Missionary speaker in both the a.m. & p.m. Church services today. Both services were wonderful and the worship in the evening was awesome. Our dear, wonderful Pastor and his wife are on a MUCH needed two week vacation.

I had put potato's and chicken breasts in the oven on time cook and it was so nice to come in, add some green beans, cottage cheese, and toast a couple of sliced french bread and have a yummy lunch all ready.
Mid-afternoon we listened to tape 2 of a 4 tape series on The Tabernacle. This series is really good.
After church we went to Wal*lywo*rld. They had advertised a 5' folding table for $37 (while supply lasts) and the sale started Sunday. Since our family dinner celebrations are growing we needed another table (we have outgrown the dining table and card table). They did not have the table. In fact, the manager of that department said they did not ship our Co*we*ta store ANY of those tables. That the "bigger" stores get things like that. They had a 6' folding table but it was $54. She was pointing that out to us and we said we'd seen it but weren't willing to go that high on the price. Mickey said, "How about letting us have this one for the $37 since you didn't get any?" He was just joking with her but she said, "I can sell you this table for the $37 sales price if you promise to come back and shop here some more." We laughed and said, "We are in here on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis." So we were blessed to acquire the 6' folding table for $37. WOW -- our God amazes us with His blessings. Praise God!!!
Then we went to McD's (just across the street) for coffee & apple pie (Mickey) & a hot fudge sundae (me!). Taking our order was a young man that we use to go to church with as a young kid 10 years ago. It was nice seeing him, and catching up a little on his parents & siblings. When we walk into the dining area we see our dear friend, that I go to BOTH Bible studies a week with, Wantha Ann and her daughter, son-in-law, and 3 grandchildren. We have a wonderful time visiting with them. Marty, who is the manager of the Bl*ue Be*ll ice cream plant, teases me about being a traitor with my ice cream sundae!!!!
Yes, I love Sunday's and I love living in this small community where God has seen fit to place us at this time of our lives. Most of the people have grown up here and have known each other since grade school but they have welcomes Mickey & I (strangers!) into their midst with open arms.
By the way, Saturday was lovely, too!!!! We went out in the evening to the pizza shop and when we got home we could tell Marc had been here. We were so sorry we missed him........as soon as we were saying this here he came driving back into the drive way. He had seen us in his rear-view mirror as he was heading out on the highway and we had turned into our addition from the other direction. DeAnn was with him, actually he was bringing over things for a garage sale we are hoping to have this week-end, IF it doesn't rain AGAIN. They came in and stayed awhile and we had a really nice visit. Even showed DeAnn some childhood photos of Marc. Having all the pictures on the computer in files is such a blessing!!!

I am one happy, blessed woman!
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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It never hurts to ask.....what a great deal on the table!

Brenda said...

I identified with all you said . . . What wonderful, happy blessings . . . Sunday services, family, running into good friends, hot fudge Sundays. It's all good!

Lisa said...

Good luck with the garage sale - wish I were close enough - I love garage sales!

Mari said...

What a wonderful day! I love small towns where everyone knows you. Great deal on the table too!

Fitter After 50 said...

I think Sunday helps us slow down enough to count our many blessings.

Sharon said...

Great deal on the table and bless that clerk that sold it to you for the sale price. I hate when I see something in an ad and then they don't have it.
Good luck with your garage sale.I love doing the garage sale scene.
God bless.

Momma Roar said...

Great deal on the table!! We have two folding tables in our basement for family dinners. While in the basement, they get used as my sewing tables!!!

It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!!

Betty said...

Wow, you had a really great weekend! It´s great that you are keeping busy. I wish I could check out your garage sale! You´ll have to post some of the deals you´re offering.... :)

Nadine said...

Now I never thought to do that at WalMart, but so glad it worked out for you. That is a blessing.

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I pray the rest of your week is as blessed.

A Hint of Home said...

You are one blessed lady. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. Glad you are having great times with hubby.

Joy said...

Mickey was smart. It never hurts to ask does it. All they can say is no. I'm glad God blessed you with the table. I know it will bless many who sit there to eat and visit in your home.
Glad you had such a wonderful Sunday. I did a Bible study on the Tabernacle a couple of years ago. It is so interesting.


Maxine said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend blessings with us Susan. Sundays are the best days and there is nothing like fellowship with family and friends. That sounds like a great deal on the table. Love it when things like that happen!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Your Sundays sound so refreshing and just as Sundays should be, I think!

I hope the garage sale is a big success for you and there's no rain!


Unknown said...

I love days like you described here; chock full of blessings!

Debra said...

I too never thought of asking about the sales like that. What a neat surprise and blessing!