Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Another holiday finds this family, as always, celebrating by eating!!

Suzette & Dave hosted us with a 7 pm cook out of hamburgers which Dave cooked on the grill. Suzette and Dave provided all the "fixings", 2 kinds of chips, Salsas & a sour cream chip dip. Suzette's delicious baked beans & potato salad. We provided deviled eggs and fresh garden lettuce (plus we brought 4 big bags of various type lettuces from Mickey's garden for everyone to take a large bag full home.) Jacque brought sliced cantaloupe and watermelon and Suzette also made a delicious pound cake with icing. Pops of several kinds and tea to drink.

Marc is showing Mickey & Jacque pictures, on his phone, from his & the kids 9 day vacation, which they had just returned from. They went to Texarkana (2 days) to visit the kids maternal great-grandmother and then Dallas area where they visited Marc's childhood friend, Dave and his family, and did Six Flags and The Iron Stone lodge. They had a fun and relaxing time. Aric part of the fun.

Dave is on the phone in the mud room talking to Benny who had left for Wednesday for a 6 week vacation trip to Alaska to pan and mind for gold. He had done the same 2 years ago. Aric wanted to fix his Dad's hamburger and had just handed the plate to him. In the background Deann, Aric & Mickey.

Everyone loading up their plates. In front Dave, Marc, Aric & Suzette, behind Jacque & Oksana.

Mickey opening one of his 3 very touching cards extolling the wonderful father he had been......and is!!! Oksana watching on.

After Mickey had opened his cards and gifts he spoke to the kids. He told them how much he loved them, how honored he was to be their Father and how proud he was of each one of them. Then he asked for forgiveness for being a little too strict when they were growing up and sometimes now finishing something he had started. He was weeping when he was through and so were all of us. It was a very touching moment in time and one I'm sure the kids, and grandkids, will always remember.
Mickey showing the T-shirt from Jacque which reads: "God is my Victory Lane - Get in gear with Christ". She also gave him Mountain Forest shave gel. Suzette and Dave got him Mountain Frost cologne and Davidoff Cool Water frozen fragrance. Marc & the kids gave him a gift certificate to Low*es.

The group family picture.

Oksana, Mickey, Aric & Jacque
Marc, Suzette & Dave

Missing: first born son, David, in California, granddaughter, Jessica, having to work as usual and Benny in Alaska.

David celebrated his birthday on June 22nd, the day after Father's Day.
Happy 45th DAVID!!!!

Mickey & I are blessed to have a wonderful, caring, close, loving family.
We cherish each and every one of them.

After eating and gift opening Dave gave Oksana a ride on his fairly new Harley. Aric wanted no part of riding a motorcycles!

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Jill said...

Happy Father's Day to Mickey! You know I am tuning in to see all your great family photos of the day...and to read about what y'all had to eat. Sounds delicious as always!

Betty said...

Awe this looks like such a great gathering and I´m sure you all had fun! It´s so special to have your family nearby and lately I have been missing my girls so much.
I thank you for your dear comment on my blog and be assured that I will continue visiting you! I agree with you, that my blog has brought me many dear friends!

Kathy said...

I love the photos of your family gatherings. How wonderful that you all live close enough for those times. Danny's childhood was much like that and he often recalls the Sunday dinners they always had at his Grandmother's home where all the cousins, aunts and uncles would gather. What a time you all must've had Susan. Blessings to Mickey for his transparency with his children.

Mari said...

What a special day. I think the little talk Mickey gave will make a lasting impression on all.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful Father's day that looks. Glad everyone had such fun.

Nadine said...

What a great gathering. What fun you all had.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Father's Day!! It is so hard to imagine Mickey being strict!! Your family is so lucky to have you both as their parents and grandparents, and you are so blessed to have all of them, too!! =)

Tiffany said...

Thank you for the wondeful words of encouragement. I too would love to meet you someday. I'm so glad y'all had a wondeful Father's day. I remember your post on your dad, but I didn't realize it's been that long ago that you posted it. What an insightful post from your friend in Isreal. And I have to say that I have not read the verses before in Ezekiel about who we should "warn." -I'm kinda catching up on reading all my blogs. Blessings from above!

Debra said...

I especially love the one of all of you together. What a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Will you guys adopt Dave and me? I love your family times and long for the same in our lives....someday :)

Blessing to Mickey. What a wonderful man to share his heart with his kids. I think we all need to do that from time to time. We are not perfect parents and our kids need to know that in spite of our failing we deeply love them.

Love the family photo! You are blessed!

Love you!

annie said...

Glad to see Mickey had such a nice day!

Unknown said...

A perfect Father's Day for your Mickey and I'm sure you enjoyed it too! what a blessing to all be together. I enjoy seeing the photos of families together like that.