Saturday, August 22, 2009


We had another VERY exciting week. One facet if it was spending parts of 3 days working up Chili Peppers.
Our friends who have the Bi-Polar dog, (remember "Bear"?) brought us back 2 large size bags of lovely, wonderful Hatch chili. If you are familiar with it you know how very happy we were to receive this lovely gift.
The first thing with Chili peppers is to roast them. The last time I did some, about 3 years ago, I did it in the oven. Which took forever!!! We do not have a grill but our son, Marc, does so on Tuesday went to his house to do the roasting on his nice, big, gas grill. Can you believe I forgot my camera :o( ? Well, I no pictures of the process. Oksana pitched in and helped us and we were finished within 2 hours. Oh my they smelled sooooo good. We left a few with Oksana.
I couldn't wait to come home and have some on a baloney and cheese sandwich. Yummy.....but the red ones were also H-O-T.

This picture was taken on Wednesday of all of the roasted chili dumped in my kitchen sink. Don't know why the green chili looks yellow!! I began peeling and removing the seeds from this huge pile on Wednesday. Any one who has worked with Chili knows you have to be very careful not to touch your eyes with your fingers. All the instructions tell you to wear gloves, when working with them, but I am one who absolutely cannot stand to use gloves and have never had any trouble being careful and cautious with my hands.
I share some more of the roasted one's with Marc and my friend, Wantha.
Ahhhh....I finished the peeling and de-seeding on Thursday. Here is the finished product. The 3 tomatos are from our small patio plant and the orange (that is the true color) tomato is a heritage tomato we got. Just one so far!!!!!

Finished, bagged chili ready for the freezer. 9 bags of the green

8 bags of the red.

Can anyone say "YUM"? We can, and do. Thank you so very much Mike, Loretta & Mikey.

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Joy said...

Oh I'm saying YUM. Good for you to get such a nice supply.


retha said...

I have never hear of doing this with chilli.

We use dried and fresh chilli to cook with and the fresh chilli any other way to have. Just like that chopped with seeds and all.

Maybe I should have asked in the beginning, is chilli peppers chilli like jalapeƱo/ birds eye/ china chilli or is it more like green/ red/ yellow pepper.

Momma Roar said...


I cannot wait to have my own garden!!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew? Never heard of people doing this, but leave it to you two to know how and to do it.

How the dog by the way? hehe

You don't have a grill? Wow, we would be so lost without ours. We grill year 'round even in the dead of winter.

Maxine said...

How you have learned to do so many things is beyond me. They look wonderful and what a supply. I know I've said this before, but I love the way you two guys keep so active and do so much together.

Brenda said...

I can say double YUM! I absolutely love driving through the farmland when they're out roasting chilis. When I'd buy them at the farmer's market where they'd roast them for us, I'd just pop them into freezer bags skins and all. When we thawed a bag, we'd just have to run them over cold water and the skins would come right off.
Do you have any recipes, like chile rellanos you'd like to share?
Love harvest time!
God bless!

Unknown said...

Thats new to me too, but sounds like a good thing to do if you want chili's for later.... smile!!

Sandra said...

You sure can learn alot of new things from other people. I'd never heard of preparing peppers that way.

Kathy said...

High Yum factor, for sure, Susan! Love the photos, and can almost smell their goodness! : )