Saturday, September 12, 2009

THE EVENT - Cry Out America

Friday, September 11th, was the big day of groups coming together in County Court Houses across our great country to Cry Out for America. The event was held at noon to 1:00 p.m. in the various time zones.

Ours was held at Wagoner County Court House in Wagoner, Oklahoma around this pavilion on the grassy area to the West of the building.

This is taken shortly after 11 a.m. as the various helpers began to arrive. We have been having rain almost every day but we had prayed that it would not rain until later this day.....and God answered our prayers with a beautiful, bright, sunshiny morning and noon hour.

Before the program began anointing oil was put around the perimeter and each of us participating in the program were anointed with oil.

The group from our church decided to wear red so this is a shot of some of that group but not all by any means.

At exactly 12 noon Carmel Field, the Wagoner Country Coordinator began the program by explaining that this was the 2nd year of this movement and how it was started by just one woman. Encouraging us to do what God leads us to do & places on our heart.

First on the program was a scripture reading and invocation by Pastor Joe Cicchino of Vision of Love Fellowship, Onita, Pastor Cicchino and his wife use to live in NYC and had personal experience with the World Trade Center and knew people who lost their life on 9/11/01.

A picture of some of the crowd.

Deborah Reed sang a special song she had composed, "Only One God".

Antonia Nozicka sang "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and then lead all of us in singing "Amazing Grace" & "Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus".

I read II Chronicles 7:8-22 and talked about how these scriptures applied to us in American turning away from God's principals that our country was founded on, just as God's people in the O.T. had turned away from God's commandments back then. My prayer focused on Repentance.

Pastor Gary Rogers, First Assembly of God, Coweta gave readings on revival and prayer focused on the Salvation of non-Christians.

Another view of the crowd in the pavilion.

Bro. Cecil "Butch" Ashlock, Jr. , from Open Bible Fellowship, Wagoner, gave interesting and inspiring quotes by our early founding fathers showing their love and dependence on God in forming and estaslishing our Republic.

Then Bro. Butch and his wife, Flo, blew their shofars. Oh, what a glorious sound, the trump of God that we all hope to hear soon!!!

Carmel Field closed the meeting with prayer and played a song about the youth rising up to serve God and a Prophecy by Evangelist Kim Clement.
It was a lovely service, in a lovely setting, on a beautiful day with about 60 in attendance. We know that God does not despise small beginnings and that God always uses a Raiment to accomplish His plans and purposes.
It made Mickey & I proud to be part of this nation wide event and occasion. I thank those of you who joined us in prayer during that hour on 9/11/09.
After the event Mickey & I had the pleasure of taking our Pastor Gary and his wife, Paula, out to lunch and had a wonderful visit and time.
Addemdum: I am so thankful to live in a State and a County that has not outlawed our Christian Faith. Read my post PROUD TO BE AN OKIE.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful event. I'm impressed by the turn out you had.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


This all gave me goose bumps to see everyone gathered and see you speaking and the couple blowing their shofars! I bet that was beautiful....thinking about Christ's return!


Kathy said...

Susan, in a most Godly way (I hope) I'm proud of you and Mickey, your obedience to how He has told you to order your time and your days, and knowing it's so clearly on His heart, the call to repentence and to cry out for our land. Blessings!-Kathy

Joy said...

I'm so blessed by these pictures. I want to thank you and the entire group for taking time out of your day to go and pray for our country. I hope this will be something that spreads around the nation.

P.S. You may want to look for an Arise! Cry Out in your area. Moms in Touch is doing a special world-wide prayer day on November 14th.
You can check and see if there is one in the area where you live.
Grandmothers are always welcome.

Charlotte said...

What a great event. I'm glad you got to participate. It must have really been a thrill. I think a lot of people in America are beginning to "see the light." I certainly hope so.

Momma Roar said...


Yours is one of many stories I've heard in the past several weeks of God's people working and how there was always so much rain - until it was time for these groups to do their parts. The most recent, prior to yours, was a group from our church who went into Philadelphia and set up games for the kids to play and earn "tickets" to turn in to get free school supplies. Rain, rain and more rain - until they began - and it was sunshine! As they finished and sat to eat supper, the rain began!

I think these are just amazing testimonies of God's greatness, power and love for us when we are working for Him!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Susan What a wonderful gathering - you should all be very proud that you stand united in his shadow.....if you have a moment please come across and pray for my dear husband I need it more now then ever before and as I sat in church today I am sure he did listen to my many hopes of well being! for my husband


Sunny said...

What an inspiring post!