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We have all heard this song and love it, not only because of the beautiful melody but because of the beautiful words and the very thought that HE watches over each & every one of us.

This was truly brought home to me this morning when upon checking in on my blog this morning I found this comment left on this post by

a King's daughter You probably don't know it, but I was at your house just after the ambulance. I talked with Shirley and she told me what was going on. I left just as your pastor was pulling on the scene. God has more people praying for you, and watching over you than you will ever know! ;-)
October 20, 2009 12:17 AM

Yes, I am becoming increasingly aware of just how many people were praying for me that day and how quickly the word of my "distress" and "need" was being sent literally around the country.

The internet, in a funny sort of way, has become a teaching tool to us about prayer and the instant-ness in God's kingdom ........ we "say" (by means of our fingers typing away) something and then hit that "post" or "send" key and instantly our words are everywhere. We utter a prayer to God and instantly our words are in the Throne Room of God in Heaven.

So, while I am in distress and being treated by those around me: the Bible Study women who I was with and brought me home,, my husband, and the EMC personnel who arrived on the scene, God sent my neighbor and friend, A King's Daughter - Tammy, down the street at the very moment this is going on. Tammy is a pray-er!!!

Mickey had told me that Tammy was here, but the impact of that has truly been made aware to me as the days have progressed. Thank you Tammy, ..... Sandra, ..... Kathy, ..... Pastor Gary Rogers, ..... Thelma, .....Shirley, .....Judy, ..... Linda, .....Betty, ..... Martha, ..... Mickey and the many more I'm not even aware of,

Thank you God that not only is your eye ever upon us but that you surround us with these extension of Your Hands.

Many have inquired as to what was wrong....... I don't know. I'd had the regular flu shot that morning at 10 and the EMC personnel thought that might have been a factor. I have had the flu shot for years and never had a reaction from it. I think perhaps it might have been food poisoning, , but we had all eaten at the same place and I was the only one who became ill.

I personally believe it was an attack by satan.......we had just had our first Friday night in-home prayer meeting three days earlier and it was glorious. I, along with these other ladies. am excited about the new Klothes Kloset Ministry that Judy is heading up and we are all helping with. I think satan is attacking many of us in different ways to try and discourage us from being and doing all God is calling us to do.

I serve notice to satan..... your devices and schemes will not work. You are a liar and a thief .... but WE are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord!!!! God is building an army of PRAY-ERS!!!!!!!!

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Mari said...

I think it's wonderful how God is using the internet to spread truth and also pass around those prayer requests. In such a short time we are able to make so many people aware of a need so they can pray.

Kathy said...

Susan, truly around the country people were praying for you. How watchful His eye is upon you! We're overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Sandra said...

AMEN SISTER!!!!! The more we overcome attacks, the more we wear out the enemy and we do that through prayer. God's kingdom becomes stronger each time we pray His word out in prayer.

Sunny said...

AMEN!! I am glad you are doing better.

Seems our hearts/minds have run on the same track this morning... thanking the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness to us! Have a blessed day!

kc bob said...

Awesome testimony Susan.

carmel said...

Hi Susan, I'm surely in agreement with all the other's on here and you.What a wonderfull thing the internet.Just look at all the ministry we have access to and each other.. I'm glad to be a part of the END TIME ARMY. I can hardly wait till Friday to see what
God will do next.Wheeeee!

Nadine said...

I'm glad you are doing better. I pray that God protects you and keep you safe.

Mary said...

Susan, that is an amazing story...God knows what we need when we don't, and His eye was certainly on you! I agree that the enemy is on the prowl right now, ever so vicious...he knows his time is short. We must be diligent in prayer, and the net has enabled us to reach out to hundreds of prayer warriors. So glad you are okay now, and praising God for your witness.


Maxine said...

Wow, Susan, that was amazing. I wish I had known about it, because I sure would have been praying! After hearing about it, I sure was thanking the Lord for taking care of you when He did! We love you, Sister!

Momma Roar said...

He takes wonderful care of you! And by sharing this, yes, others can know!!