Saturday, January 30, 2010


Picture, of our back yard, taken yesterday morning showing everything covered with ice.

Picture taken last evening showing the back yard with 4" of snow covering everything.

Picture taken this morning showing the back yard with a total of 6 1/2" of snow.
Fortunately for us Okie's the temps are suppose to begin rising by tomorrow and in our part of the country this will soon be melted and gone. My hearts go out to all my northern friends who deal with a lot more snow than this for months on end.
For us, since we don't HAVE to go out, it's really rather a fun, relaxing time. I made a big pot of Split Pea Soup yesterday and today making a big pot of Cajun Beans (except I'm leaving the turkey sausage out due to the Daniel fast). We've gotten a lot of "paper work" and files done on The King's Kitchen and Mickey made a lot of phone calls yesterday. As the "once a mother, always a mother" I had to call all my kids last night and be sure all 3 had made it home and were safe & sound!!!!! With the snow, on top of the layer of ice, the driving conditions are horrible and there have been many accidents.
Trust you will have a wonderful day today, we are planning one.

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Mari said...

I can't believe the weather you are having. The strange this is that we haven't gotten near as much snow as usual here, although it's been really cold.
You never quit being a mom do you? I check in with my kids who don';t live home in bad weather too.

Joy said...

What a bunch of snow!
Sounds like you got lots accomplished on your snow day.

I bet the kids around there are having a blast.

♥ Joy

Oklahoma Granny said...

All of my laundry is now caught up. Yesterday I finished the book I checked out of the library on Wednesday. Just now getting caught up on my blog reading (out satellite doesn't work during periods of heavy cloud cover.)

Stay safe and stay warm.

Barbara said...

So it is your turn this time. Do hope that it does not last 4 weeks like ours did.
We woke this morning to a sprinkling of snow everywhere and there is lots of ice where the lying water has frozen everywhere.

No sofas do not face each other. Perpendicular is what I think you would call it!

kc bob said...

Sun is out today in KC.. hoping that our two inches melt.. our temps are not as warm as yours though :(

retha said...

Good to hear it is well with you all.

To me the snow is beautiful - every time, if I lived there maybe only for the first day. After that I might go around looking for green trees and hot sun shine.

Devoted said...

We got a couple of inches of ice and a smidgen of snow this morning. Just enough to fool you into thinking it will be ok to drive on. Isabella wants to go out and play but shivers so much when we open the door, she changes her mind and heads to the fire to warm up! LOL Be safe and stay warm.

Janiece said...

I loved your pictures!

Just Mom said...

Only three more months of winter left in these parts! :-D

Kathy said...

I'm going to call the snow "frosting from Heaven" because it looks like a nice extra heaping of frosting on....everything! : ) We don't have that here, and having grown up in Montana, I don't really miss it. I have never tired of it's beauty though.

Maxine said...

That's funny. We're both taking pictures of our back yard! So far, you have us beat and I hope it stays that way. Glad you got a lot done while snug in your home. I'm the same way--I always check to see if my grown daughter gets home safely. We moms are all the same. Hope you have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. I was praying that you were not without power!

The great thing about being in the north is that we are used to this and prepared for this. We drive in it every day and think nothing of seeing 6 inches on the ground when we have a fresh snowfall.

The ice is a different story! I love the beauty of it, but the power issue becomes scary. Thankfully we have not had an ice storm this winter.

Hope you are warming up. The weather still looked pretty cold today.

Thoughts and Events of the Day said...

Whereabouts are you in the States? My wife ahs just returned from California and she set it was cold, windy and wet. Here near London we are having just about the coldest winter for many years.

Carole Burant said...

I had heard on the news that parts of the USA that don't usually have snow were getting hit with a major snowstorm. I wish ours would melt as fast as yours will! lol xoxo