Wednesday, March 10, 2010

COMPUTERS **!!%%**@@

You know you've been missed when even people you "know" and "see" in the flesh begin calling and saying, "Is everything alright with you two? You haven't posted for over a week."

So, a quick update. My computer, with all my pictures, all our accounting records, all the King's Kitchen forms and information, EVERYTHING is ------------ I don't even know what to say it is -------- the problem is, it isn't!!! My computer expert (Son, Marc with a new wife (yeah!!!) father of 5 very busy, VERY active pre-teens (3) and teens (2) and who not only himself, but Deann, have very busy, involved, demanding jobs and are in the midst of redecorating Marc's home they just moved out of) is currently unavailable to get to our house to check said computer out.

Thank goodness we have Mickey's computer which is working. Thanks to Ginger, who last evening told me how to get back onto face book, that helps. I still do not know how to access our valornet or gmail e-mail accounts. If anyone can tell me the secret to that I would appreciate it. When I type in my gmail account it only leads me to a link about bloglines and I don't use bloglines. When I type in our valornet account it gives me some very old references to comments I've made on older blogs asking them to e-mail me. About the time I'm thinking I'm making my way pretty well around all this technology STUFF I find out, take away my "set-up" and my little "icons" and I know nothing!!!!

Beyond the computer issues.......We find ourselves VERY busy. I'm sure any who follow me do not find that surprising!!!

For a quick update:
The King's Kitchen is going fabulously. We got the wonderful sealing machine and 3 compartment microwavable trays and film in last Thursday (March 4th). Spent time getting it set-up and tested. We used it for the first time yesterday and it went well. Mickey & I were at the church Monday night from 7 to 9 with the 2nd week cooking team. Then of course yesterday, Tuesday, we were there from 9 to 12:30 getting the meal ready, packed, out the door and waiting for the delivery teams to return. We had 2 of the delivery people who did not show-up so Mickey and our Jr. High Youth Pastor ran one of the routes.

Klothes Kloset update. As you know, when Mickey began The King's Kitchen I stepped down from my Tuesday 10 to 2 position of working in the Klothes Kloset. Well, this ministry has been so blessed with donated items, and to date not enough workers, that Judy cancelled the Monday morning Bible Study and 5 of us, plus I talked Mickey into joining us, we needed all the help we could get and a strong man!!!, went to the church to sort through clothes and get the storage room somewhat cleared out. The 6 of us worked from 9 to 11:30 and it was unbelievable how much we got accomplished. Many hands truly do make work light and I've always said about this Bible Study group of women, we work together like a well oiled machine and we work hard.

On Saturday, February 27th, 4 of us (myself, Sandra, Carmel & Vanessa) went to a Billye Brim prayer meeting at the ORU chapel from 10 to noon. This is in connection with Empowered21 conference that will be held at ORU in April. We met up with 2 others, Debbie & Tammy, and the 6 of us had a lovely lunch at Pan*era Br*ead afterward. While I was doing this Mickey went to the lake with our daughter, Suzette, and son-in-love, Dave, to look at their ponton boat.

That evening at 7 p.m. Vanessa and her team had the Official Dedication of the Remnant House of Prayer here in Coweta. It was wonderful. Vanessa, Jeff, Nate & Angie have done a wonderful and beautiful job setting up this facility and been so faithful in pursuing and fulfilling the call of God on their lives. The biggest blessing was seeing, and hearing, 4 of the local pastors participate in this city wide vision for 24/7 prayer. Of course our beloved Pastor Gary, who is Vanessa's Spiritual Father, was the last speaker. The 27th was Purim!!!! How neat is that.

Our church, Coweta Assembly, is beginning to experience true revival. It is SOOO exciting to see what many of us have been praying for coming to pass. We are seeing people saved in each and every service and many new ministries taking place. Last Sunday MANY were filled with the Holy Spirit and people were going down to the altar during Praise & Worship. Yes, God is truly moving in our body.

I can't even remember if I've posted that one of these new ministries is a GED class every Sunday evening. I am helping in that area as a mentor. So exciting to see 8 of these young adults taking this big step to improve their lives by studying to pass the GED test.

My friend, Sandra, has started a Prayer Shaw ministry. Read about it here. It is so exciting!!! Sandra has already completed 2 of these shaws that have been given to woman in our congregation who need healing. I bought myself a set of the looms (Mickey & I had to go to 4 Wa*lly Wor*lds before we found them!) She showed me how to start it after we returned to my house on the 27h after our outing. I had done about 5" on mine and suddenly realized I was making a tube!!! Going round & round instead of getting to the end and reversing directions!!!! So I had a "lesson" in ripping out and starting over. Grrrrrr As always, I asked the Lord what He was trying to teach me in this.....and the message I got was to take a little more time and be sure of what I was doing before I plunge so head-long into a new project. Do you think?????
I started over last Saturday, March 6th, and took it to Tuesday night Bible Study to show Sandra and be sure I have it correct this time. I currently have about 6" done.

Last Sunday our latest new ministry was begun. It is an ESL class. English as a Second Language. We have a young bi-lingual man who just recently started attending who is teaching this class. We are excited about this new class and reaching out to the Hispanic community of our area.

Last, but certainly not least, Bobby, our Praise & Worship Minister, is putting on a Drama Easter week-end. It consists of the opening, 5 individual scenes, and an ending. The name is "CHOICES". I was privileged to write one of the scenes myself, and then another gal, Kelli, and I wrote another scene together. I have been selected to act a part in another scene. We are currently practicing every Thursday evening. The Performances will be Good Friday, April 2nd at 6 p.m., Saturday, April 3rd at 6 p.m. & Easter Sunday, April 4th at the 10:45 a.m. & 6 p.m. services. Mickey is going to help build the sets. It is a BIG project and we are very excited about it. Bobby is amazing and oh so talented in this area of drama and worship.

The Good Friday showing is a city-wide program with all the Churches participating. The various ministers of different denominations will be participating and will be assigned different rooms for after service counseling. The people making decisions can visit with the minister of the church of their preference. In all that Coweta Assembly does the motive is not to build the attendance of CA but to increase the Kingdom of God and the ministry of ALL the churches.
I ask you to join us in prayer that God will use this mightily. Anyone who reads this blog, and lives anywhere in the Tulsa-Coweta-Wagoner area is invited and encouraged to attend.

Today is another busy day for us. Mickey & I and Tammy are attending a Food Handlers class at 9 this morning at the Coweta Health Department and this afternoon at 3:30 Kathy & Valerie will be attending. Then Mickey & I are going by Lo*wes and getting some kind of quick-set concrete mixture and going to Marc's Tulsa home and Mickey is making a minor repair on the sliding glass door area. Then as always we'll be picking up Aric, making our weekly Wednesday trip to "R" gym at Mc*d's then bring Aric home to attend Royal Rangers at CA, and spend the night with us. Thursday morning we are up early and out of the house by 6:45 a.m. to make a stop at the doughnut shop on our way to taking him to Tulsa for school by 7:35. We know, at the age of 11, we won't have too many more years of this kind of time with him and we cherish each and every minute of it.

Tomorrow night, drama practice. Friday night celebrating Benny's Birthday. A week ago Wednesday we managed to take daughter, Jacque, out to lunch before picking up Aric & Oksana from school.

Our lives are busy, and blessed and we are very happy. GOD IS GOOD!!!
I am going to take off the monitoring from the comments and hope I don't get covered up with all the garbage I've been getting. If you see some "deletes" in the comment section of this post that will be the reason.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

You certainly are one busy lady! Hope your computer problems are resolved soon.

Bobbi said...

Glad to know it's "only" computer problems, although I know how hard it can be without a computer!
Thanks for your kind words, Susan, and for your continued prayers and encouragement!
YES! of course I will contact you if we will be anywhere near you! :D (I think that would be the highlight of the trip!)

Kathy said...

Okay, Susan. I couldn't even finish reading your post because I had to comment on something. When you said you were making a tube, I felt like the Lord showed me it's because you're a vessel, a conduit, so to speak. So......very cool to rip it out to make what you intended to make, but I did feel like the Lord is saying you're a conduit! Where He puts you is where He'll flow out. And I think this post is proof of that over and over again, as if we didn't already know. : ) The beautiful thing about a conduit is that what comes in goes out, and in you, the Lord pours out of you as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

I am blessed by what is happening with your church. I pray for permanence in the Spirit. A fresh daily filling, but a permenantly changed life for each.

Hugs and love, KATHY

Sharon said...

You are one busy lady and I am sorry to hear about the computer problems.
When they work they are fantastic!!
have a great day.

Unknown said...

Glad you are back online! Missed your daily dose of love.

Mari said...

Busy is hardly the word for it!
I saw on Facebook that you were having computer issues, so I knew why there were no posts. Hope that computer is fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Susan, try copying this up in your web address area and see if it brings you to your gmail.

So wish Dave could just hop over and help!

Unknown said...

I think you will meet yourself coming as you are going. Hope all the computer woes will end soon.

Brenda said...

Your plates are definitely full!
I laughed at your title. Hope you can get the comp. fixed quickly and you didn't lose anything.

Debra said...

I'm tired just reading all you two do! LOL! Hope all your computer problems get solved! Must be somethig going around with computers crashing these days!

Blessings on you!

Fitter After 50 said...

So in other words, you haven't been up to too much lately then, huh? :) You know I'm only joking. You've had a full and exciting schedule. It's good to hear that all your adventures are excelling. Thank you for all you do.

Charlotte said...

You really are busy. So nice to hear about the good things going on at your church. Sorry about your computer. They can absolutely drive you crazy, but what did we ever do without them? (A little like men. lol)

Maxine said...

Wow wow WOW! You two!! I love it! Keep on keeping on serving the Lord--I love reading about all you guys are doing. Glad you're back--I've been a bit sketchy with blogging and Facebook myself--but I sure haven't been doing as much as you. So you're making shawls, and performing in plays, while cooking and delivering meals to people and who knows what else! As I said, I love it!