Wednesday, May 19, 2010

12 Thoughts

Saw this over at Home On The Range by Midlife Wife some time ago and it sounded fun to do. So here goes.

1. I was so excited when I .... Well I stay excited most of the time because I love my life and ALL I am blessed and able to do and participate in.

2. If I had some "mad money" to spend right now, I'd buy..... I wouldn't buy anything but I'd take a trip to Israel that our church is going to take next year.

3. I really shouldn't have... eaten that piece of chocolate cake yesterday.

4. Anything sad that I read about..... makes me want to try and fix it.

5. The antics of..... my grandson delights me.

6. Family is..... everything to me, next to Jesus.

7. I just cannot believe.... I am 72 years old and been married almost 52 years. Where did these years go to so fast?!

8. I'm really looking forward to... the Lords soon return.

9. The weather right now has been.... rainy and cool for this time of year. AND, we had a 2.4 tornado last week!!!

10. My mood right now is... thoughtful because I have some important decisions to make.

11. I couldn't believe... we walked so FAR getting to the Tulsa Air Show.

12. And now I am going to... end this post and put on the coffee!! Want to come have a cup?

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Tea said...

I enjoyed your 12 thoughts. Made me feel blessed. Thanks.

Kathy said...

I love your list, Susan. About #1: You share that excitement with us, and trust me, your jooy and excitement is contagious, and if necessary, convicting! : )

About #6: I totally relate.
About #10: I love your honesty, and that you're sensetive enough to know when to take time to listen to the Lord.
About #12: An emphatic, "Yes!" I'd love to!!!

Thanks for sharing. May have to make one of these myself!

kc bob said...

Good list Susan. I can relate to a few of those ;)

Sharon said...

I loved the list and I can relate to several of them.
Rain and cool here today also.
thanks for sharing.
I love visiting here.

retha said...

I can relate to some too.
Thank you a cup will be nice, or two, I'll have some chocolate biscuits with it though

Mari said...

I liked your list! I don't drink coffee, but I'll sit and have a glass of ice water with you!

Joy said...

Yes, I like my coffee blond and sweet. I would love to go to Israel too one day. My pastor and his wife take a group over every few years.
You should go.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I want to come have a cup of coffee with you!!!!!!!!

Are you considering the Israel trip? I know you would love it!