Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MARRIAGE IS FOR REAL....and forever

What a fun, wonderful and memorable week-end we just had!!!!

Our Church sponsored a one-day marriage workshop, called Marriage is for Real, on Saturday from 10-4. Mickey & I, plus some 40 other couples attended.

We were seated at round tables with 6 to 8 to a table.

We shared our table with these two lovely couples:

Steve & Johnna

Sharon & Russ

The leader, John Johnson, was interesting, funny and it was a pure delight. Not all the attendees were from our Church, although most were. We had several young couples who were engaged and planning to be married. Mickey & I, and one other couple, won the honor of being married the longest. We were also served a wonderful lunch of Baked Ziti, Tossed Salad, Cheese & Garlic Toast and an assortment of cakes & cookies.

The best part of this workshop was actually on Sunday. John lead both the 8 a.m. & our 10:45 a.m. services and talked on Commitment. At the end of the service any couple present who wanted to participate were asked to come to the front to reaffirm their vows. All the married couples poured to the front.

I cannot tell you the moving experience it was to stand among all these other couples, of all ages and all length of marriage, and repeat our wedding vows and commitment to each other. We faced each other, looked into each others eyes and repeated our vows. I don't think there were many dry eyes among us as it was such a moving experience. I know tears were running down both Mickey & my face.

Thanks to Jennifer & Bill Humphries for these pictures of the group vow exchange.
This is the 3rd time for Mickey & I to repeat our vows.

At our marriage on October 4, 1958.

At our 30th year renewal on October 4, 1988.
Three of our children were our attendants: Son Marc, & daughters Jacque & Suzette.

Flower girl, 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, Jessica who wouldn't walk down the isle without her mother!!!

My two forever friends, Bev & Joan were candle lighters.

Receiving line of the wedding party:

Bride Susan, Groom Mickey, Bridesmaid daughter Suzette, Groomsman son Marc, Bridesmaid daughter Jacque, Groomsman son-in-law Terry.

I'm so sorry I didn't get a picture of us Sunday as we repeated these vows after 51 years, 8 months & and 2 days on June 6, 2010. I will hold the memory in my heart for the rest of our years.

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retha said...

On Sunday evening we were at a certain place where the focus was on having right relationships. Prayers were offered as well.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That was a really nice pot. Glad you enjoyed the conference.

Maalie said...

I'm afraid isn't real of forever for some of us Penless.

Susan said...

I know it isn't Maalie and that is so sad :o( It is also why things like these workshops are so very important.

Just Mom said...

You and Mickey look as much in love today as you did years ago. I love that.

btw ... both of you look young in that current photo.

Sue Seibert said...

How wonderful, Susan! All the photos were great as well. Raf and I were just discussing the sadness of those married who are not companions and make themselves and each other miserable. God has blessed us so much...we have 34 years this year...51, WOW, that is great!

Kathy said...

Susan, the hope of fresh mercies each day from the Lord can encourage all of us as we pick up each day and choose to "do marriage" and be married His way. Only with His coaching can any one do it well. So, for anyone out there who may be struggling with forgiving themselves for current or past failures, just trust in the forgiveness of the Lord. He loves you, and Jesus came and died for our failures. God knew us, and made provision for our weaknesses in marriage, and in so many other areas.

Thank you for posting this, and I especially loved the pictures. You and Mickey are such role models for us! : ) Many hugs and love, Kathy

michelle said...

Absoultely beautiful!!

And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and your prayers. So appreciated!

Joy said...

I really enjoyed your 30th Vow Renewal pictures. How fun to see 1988 was the same year Keith and I were married so those styles looked very familiar.
You and Mickey are true inspirations to many. I admire you commitment and love for each other.
♥ Joy

Unknown said...

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Mari said...

It sounds like a wonderful conference and how special to renew your vows. We had a seminar at church a few years ago, and we renewed ours after that. It's a special time!

Maxine said...

I would love to attend something like that. I really enjoyed your pictures and memories, Susan. That renewal of your vows was so nice, and you and your daughters looked so pretty.

Sharon said...

How wonderful for you and Mickey.
I enjoyed your photos and you look like 2 people truly in love.
We have our 46th coming up in August.
GOD has blessed us in so many ways.
thanks for sharing.

Kahri said...

Love you guy, Susan and Mickey! You are such a testimony to LOVE! :-)