Monday, July 19, 2010


I wonder how many of you are like me and sometimes end up spending the better part of a day in the kitchen. That is what I did this past Saturday.

Last Monday, after bible study, Kelli & I drove to the peach orchard and split a 1/2 bushel of fresh peaches. Yummy!!!!

In addition, Mickey's garden has been producing tomato's and cucumbers galore. So I decided Saturday was a day to get some of these items put up. A couple of weeks ago I had stewed enough tomato's to fill 4 two cup containers each for the freezer.

I stewed another 2 cup container of tomato's for the freezer. In addition I had a bag of apples that were getting too ripe so I stewed up all but 2 of them and made this bowl of Cinnamon applies. I also made a fruit salad of peaches, apples, & pineapple.

Next I baked 3 loaves of one of our favorite breads - Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread. I was going to take a loaf of this over to some new neighbors who moved in 2 doors from us but they were not at home :o(

By now it was lunch time so I fixed up a big bowl of Tuna Salad to have with our garden fresh tomato each. We love tuna salad with a lot of ingredients in it so I added: celery, pickle relish, dill pickles, apples, walnuts all blended in a mayonnaise/milk mixture.

Last, but not least, after lunch I made a peach cobbler. Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture. But trust me it was very good!!!

So I spent a great deal of time Saturday in the kitchen.

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retha said...

It is always good to be able to have the stuff that were created during the time in the kitchen. If there is something to take from the freezer the joy of it is drawn out till later.

Mari said...

I've had days like that. I always feel really accomplished after one of them!
You did great!

weavermom said...

Yum!! The tuna salad especially looks delicious!!! :)

Kahri said...

Yummy!! It looks great!! We are going to have a freezer cooking day soon, when we get home! :-)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Everything looks delicious! I love to cook so I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Unknown said...

It sll looks very tasty, I love this time of year with all the fresh veggies and fruits.

Brenda said...

Gives a great sense of accomplishment doesn't it? I am like you...if I'm gonna have tuna salad I like lots of stuff in it.
Your peach cobbler sounds good and is making my mouth water. I think that's my favorite kind of cobbler!
We've been doing the Honey Hydrate Drink recipe you posted. Very yummy!

Maxine said...

Wow. What fun you were having. Have you had peaches harvested already? Our peach season around here is late august/early sept. That's my favorite fruit and the peach cobbler sounds so yummy to me. Love it, and I'm sure yours is the best.
These busy days in the kitchen reap benefits on busy days down the road.

Dawn said...

How ambitious and energetic you have been!

Midlife Mom said...

YUMMY! It's a good thing that you didn't take a picture of the peach cobbler as I am drooling already and that would have put me over the edge!! :o)

What's the recipe for the Hawaiian bread? It looks sooooo good! Also the tuna salad! Now I am hungry!!

Crystal said...

You did have a busy day! But it's oh, so nice to use your own produce and have some treats put away for winter, isn't it? I'm looking forward to fresh BC peaches here - another month, I think.

Unknown said...

yum,I'm gonna try that tuna salad recipe. It sounds really good! I love tuna in any form!

Mrs. M said...

I love spending a day in the kitchen. It relaxes me and fills me up (maybe it's all that tasting I do that fills me up :)

Everything looks so delicious. You may cook for me ANY DAY!!

Barbara said...

Yes I know how that happens, one gets into the mood of it and keeps going. To me it is like gardening - hard to get started but once I do..............!