Saturday, July 31, 2010


True friends are few and far between!!

Acquaintances and casual friends can be many, and praise God we are blessed with them, but true friends who can weather separation (whether willful or forced by circumstances) and remain close, abiding friends is truly a gift of God. Such is our friendship with this family.
(left to right from back) Michael, Brittany (Britty), Emily, Kahri, Mickey, Ethan & Kaedra (Kaedy)

Our Pastor recently taught on prayer and said "God always hears and answers our prayers. Some times it's "yes", some times it's "no", and some times it's "wait". Their return and move back to their home in Broken Arrow is one of those "wait" prayers that was answered two days ago.

Our ties date back to November, 2004, shortly after Kaedy was born. I invite you to read Kaedra's story. If you have meet me through this Penless Writer blog it is due to Kahri who first exposed me to blogland and was responsible for my finally stepping out in January, 2007 and becoming Penless Writer.

ANYWAY!!!!! We are just so happy to have them back & become an active part of our life once again.

So Thursday night, to welcome them home we were blessed to take dinner in to them.

The cold stuff: ice tea, milk, salad, salad dressing, & ice.

The hot meal: Swiss Chicken, green beans, hot french bread, & brownies.


As always, this family always gives more than they receive and our Kaedy had drawn this lovely heart for us!!!!!!!

It was such a joy to get our long awaited hugs from them and we look forward to getting acquainted with Ethan who we had only seen as a new born in the hospital!

You'll be hearing a lot about Kahri & her family in my blog posts as they are truly "part of our family".

A big thank you to granddaughter Oksana who help me prepare the Swiss Chicken & the brownies!!! Grandson Aric was really wanting to sample a brownie, but that was not allowed :o)

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Joy said...

What a great reunion. I know they are happy to be back among friends too. I know those coolers full of goodies were such a blessing to them.
♥ Joy

Donna said...

Thank you for your sweet prayer for my sister and family.
It really comforted me to know that you took time to write the prayer. Thanks so much.
Love, Donna

Nadine said...

That's always great to be back with friends that are like family. I'm glad you were introduced to blogging. You've done such a fine job.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I'm so happy that your friends are back. What a blessing from the Lord. I remember you posting about the Shaw's what a wonderful thing your doing.Welcome back hope to read another post real soon.
God Bless,

Kathy said...

Welcome back, Kahri and family. And way to go on the welcome-home meal, Susan and crew! The brownies seemed to jump out at me from the page! : ) Love you all.

Kahri said...

Thank you so much Mickey and Susan for the wonderful dinner and for coming over and helping us get our bathroom and kitchen unpacked!! You two are SUCH huge blessings in our lives and we are so glad to be near you again! Can't wait to see more of you and have you over for dinner (when we can find the rest of the house! HAHA!) Thank you so much!!

MightyMom said...

I remember reading her story a couple years ago! So glad to see she's doing well!!