Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas 2010 was one of the nicest yet!!!!

We went lighter on all the Christmas decorating this year. We put up no outside lights or the Santa climbing up the roof or the Manger scene. Inside, we had it looking festive and nice, but did not drag our everything as usual. The shopping for gifts did not seem so hectic. I used a lot of gift bags, which made the wrapping easier. I wrapped as I purchased and avoided the rush at the end. It was just plain calmer.

The table settings for the 11 of us.

Mickey & I made these little snowmen for each place setting. They did not stand up to well so we ended up placing them in the center of each plate. Thanks to Oklahoma Granny for the idea.

I fixed a Mexican Christmas meal this year consisting of 3 Cheese Chicken Enchilada's, 30 with green & 10 with red chili - a large pot of Pasole - a large pot of Pinto Beans. Jacque & Bennie brought a case of red & white Sparkling Grape Juice and Deann (our official family dessert maker - YEAH) brought a yummy Rum Cake and a plate of Chocolate Peanut candy.

Father/Grandfather - Mickey, Granddaughter #1 - Jessica, 2nd Daughter - Jacque, 1st Daughter - Suzette.

Suzette - Dave - Bennie

2nd Son - Marc (youngest child still "acting up"!!) with Wife - Deann.
#1 Grandson - Aric, 2nd Granddaughter - Oksana.
Me, in tears as usual, as I read the touching, sweet Birthday cards from my son Marc and husband Mickey.

The 4 December birthday girls in our BELIEVE shirts (my gift to us) and our FAMILY FIGHTS TOGETHER necklaces, Jessica's gift to us.
I had made Prayer Shawls for each the family.
Jacque, with her turquoise shawl.

Marc with his variegated green and Deann with her variegated blue.

Oksana with her variegated purple.

Suzette's solid red Prayer Shawl was given to her on September 28th when we got her cancer diagnosis. I had been making these, starting in March, for the kids for Christmas........BUT God knew I would need this red one in September.

David was given his solid blue Prayer Shawl when he flew in to be with us October 17th-24th.

Due to the above happenings Jessica's did not get finished on time :o( !!!!!!

So she didn't get to "unwrap" her Prayer Shawl, but was shown it in this stage!!!
I'm working diligently to get it finished.
Because it was so touching and because my blog is a history for my children and grandchildren, after we are gone, I am quoting the words of Marc's wonderful birthday card to me.

"Mom, Yours was the first face I ever saw, the first hands I ever felt, the first voice I ever heard, and the first love I ever knew. I feel that love still. I hope you feel mine. Happy Birthday - Love, Marc"

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Mari said...

What a wonderful day, and a truly touching card!

retha said...

How touching the card is!
It is always good to me to read of the special times you all are having when getting together.

I have never seen such a 'knitting' needle, Ma'am. What is it called?

Devoted said...

What a fantastic post. What a wonderful family...what a fantastic celebration!

Just Mom said...

Oh my gosh, that card made me teary eyed.

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday -- and His.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

What a beautiful family you have! And your card was so very loving, I know you treasure it. Happy New Year to you and yours! ~Cheryl

Kathy said...

The shawls are just beautiful. I am amazed at how fast you must work! Those look like undertakings, and they're all beautiful. I am certain much blessing will come from those.

It sounds like the Christmas you had was the Christmas you needed to have. God knows it all, the end from the beginning. He has the big picture.

God's greatest for you this next year, Susan and family.

Joy said...

Your table setting is so pretty.
All the prayer shawls turned out just beautiful. I know they will treasure them.
What a sweet sweet card.
♥ Joy

Oklahoma Granny said...

I know I've said this before but your family celebrations are always so special. Your dinner menu sounds wonderful too. A dear friend mine who has since passed on used to make the most wonderful Posole but she never used a recipe. I've tried many recipes but they never seem to stand up to hers. Would you mind sharing your recipe sometime? I pray that you and your family will enjoy many blessings in 2011!

Sandra said...

What a beautiful Christmas and one that will always be remembered by your family.