Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Oklahoma Blizzard, which began February 1st is still here and we got about 2 more inches yesterday, February 4th.  I know you in the north laughing at us, but this is the BIGGEST snowfall we have EVER had here in NE Oklahoma.  We are totally ill-prepared for such an event. 

Mickey & I are actually thoroughly enjoying this.......being forced to stay in and not go any where.  I think it is God's way of slowing ALL of us down and reminding us, yet again, just who is in charge ... and it is not us!!!!  Thankfully we have lost no gas, electric or water so we are warm, comfortable, well fed - don't have to go anywhere or be anywhere - and most importantly - TOGETHER!!!

 Here's my guy on Thursday the 3rd ready to try and make a path to his bee hives in the back of our yard.
 Stopping first at the bird feeders.
In the front yard making a pathway from the garage door to the mail box.
Huge snow drift in front of our front door.  Note the foot prints up next to the wall where one of our neighbors came down, shovel in hand, to check on us and shovel us out.  Mickey said, "No way", and sent her on her way.  Then last evening the daughter of our neighbor across the street had come to check on her and then made her way across to us to see if we needed anything.  It's wonderful to have such caring, thoughtful people in our lives.  We are blessed!
We hadn't even looked out the window of our guest room, to the south.  Mickey did and hollered to me to come see all the snow covering his pick-up parked on that south drive-way.  Glad we don't need that vehicle right now :o)
Yesterday, February 4th, as more snow was beginning to fall and cover up the path to the back yard.
The snow getting deeper and deeper on our patio table & chairs.
Mickey's footprints back to check on his bees and be sure their opening was opened.
No one could love and appreciate their husband more than I appreciate this wonderful man I am privileged to share all these many years of life with.

On another note, I am taking this snow fall as a foretaste of the many blessings our wonderful Father God is ready to send to His Body - The Church in this new year that is unfolding.  I see them piled up and overwhelming us!!!!!!

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Shirley said...

WOW!! The picture of Mickey's truck is so amazing! That's a LOT of snow!

Mari said...

I like the way you ended that! Great way to look at snow. Glad you have such wonderful neighbors.

Unknown said...

Glad to know you have neighbors who care enough to check in on you. It has been a bit snowy all over... I think like you we need to heed God's message to slow down, being snowed in gives us time to read His word more... we did get plowed out fairly soon but winter weather is unpredictable. Great way to look at the weather...

kc bob said...

It seems like you all may have beaten us out (so far) in the most snow category.

Sunny said...

No, not laughing at all.... I remember the ice storm we had a couple years ago, and like you, Hubby and I enjoyed it. 1 week without electric but we had the generator and of course our wood stove, so happy as 2 pigs in mud.

I am sure Mickey knows not to open his hives to check in this cold weather?? If the opening is clear they will be fine. They may take a cleansing flight when it warms back up.

Yep, cuddle and stay warm :)

Dawn said...

That is definitely a lot of snow for you guys!

Kathy said...

I think that last picture of Mickey is positively the best I've seen of him. I just love the joy I see in that picture. So neat. Thank you for sharing the pictures. What a nice neat path he dug back to the mailbox, too. My children would've loved to have helped. : )

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't live in Michigan? Looks like home to me.

Crystal said...

I've been thinking about you! So glad you are safe, warm and together :) I like your thoughts about God's blessings coming down and covering us - so true! Take care!