Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching Up #2 - Wonderful Things & Blessings

Since I hardly posted last month I am using the post yesterday and today to try and catch up.  Hopefully you haven't all given up on me and I still have a few followers.

I received the most wonderful letter from Retha, by blog friend and Sister in the Lord from South Africa!!!  She blesses me with such wonderful surprises.  She is the one who called me, all the way from South Africa, in October, 2008 when I was in the recovery room with Mickey immediately after his heart surgery.  Talk about being shocked, blessed and surprised!!

 Then last month I got this wonderful THREE page, hand written letter from Retha.  Note the beautiful handwriting.  I was sooo very blessed by this because sadly handwritten letters are almost a thing of the past.  She is a dear and brings joy to my heart.

 You can see I was so engrossed in reading the letter I wasn't even aware Mickey was taking my picture. 

Note also the T-shirt I am wearing, a BD present from my son Marc last December that says:  "Faithbook Jesus wants to put you in His Book.  Do you accept?  Revelation 3:5"  Marc bought it because he is so awed that his mother is a blogger and on fb!!!!!  Believe me this shirt has opened up some conversations for me when I see people reading my T-shirt!!!   Praise God.
 This lovely coffee mug was given to me as a gift for Suzette from Britney, one of my Tuesday night Bible Study woman.  Isn't it lovely?
 I hope you can enlarge this to read all the writing but the main point of the mug is "the big C is not cancer but Christ!!"  Yes, we KNOW that is true.

 Everyone know what a blessing our friends, Don & Barbara are to us!!!  Well, St. Patty's day Don had prepared this wonderful meal of Corned Beef & Cabbage, and, and, AND!!!!  The tablecloth in green, with fresh flowers, lovely dishes, china and crystal.
 Barbara had even made green sherbet punch, green pistachio pudding, and green sugar cookies.  Mutual friends Ron & Dody joined us in this grand celebration.  What really made it a blessing for us was that we had been at the hospital with Suzette all that day.  What a blessing and delight to sit down with good friends an a delicious meal after the stressful day we had.  Thank you AGAIN, Don & Barbara.  We love you!!!

 On February 28th Mickey & I and 6 of my Bible Study women all met and attended A Night To Honor Israel performance where John Hagee was the main speaker.  (Pictured right to left, Cindy O, Thelma, Norma, Sandra, Cindy W. - Also there but not shown was Carmel).

A group of woman have been meeting here at my home every Tuesday night since January 18th.  We are calling ourselves Woman of the Word - or WOW Woman for short!!!  We are, too, as we study, pray together and grow in the Lord. 

 Three of my favorites guys (grandson Aric - son Marc - husband Mickey) who I get to share breakfast with quite often.  Here we are at IHOP one recent Saturday morning.
 I'm sure all of you are familiar with Amish Friendship Bread.  One of my young Christian friends, Heather, brought me a starte.  Many days later I baked these 2 loaves, gave out 3 starters at my Bible Study and did another starter!!
 Long and MANY days later I ended up baking 6 additional loaves.  So my freezer is full of yummy, delicious Amish Friendship Bread.  Drop by and I'll give you a piece with a cup of coffee or tea :o)

 I made another couple of batches of Homemade Dry Laundry Detergent.  This smells sooo good.  You can find the recipe on my very neglected Frugal blog.
(left to right - Lola, Bob, Susan, Mickey)
To end - I was blessed with getting to have brunch with a cousin who I had not seen for about 40 years!!!  They were traveling through Tulsa and called and we meet.  What a wonderful, lovely treat.  Aric & Marc also joined us.  Suzette was in the hospital and Jacque had to work.

Speaking of Suzette - my next post will be an update on her.  Please continue to pray and stand in agreement with us for her healing.  BY HIS STRIPES SUZETTE IS HEALED
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Mari said...

Lots of wonderful things going on with you! I think the letter from Retha is so special, and the mug is perfect! Yes - I am standing in faith with you!

Unknown said...

So enjoy your news of all the good friends and family. Its pretty special to get letters from blogging friends and so far away. Still standing with you in prayer.

Kathy said...

My heart is a sponge. Your posts are like water. I soak it up, and God's grace becomes more clear to me. Speaking of, His grace is sufficient for you, my dear friend. You'd better hug those girls in your Bible study, and tell them that if I had my way, I'd be right there.Love you so much! Thank you for the beautiful report and pictures. We believe for God's work in all that concerns you.

retha said...

Seems I need to write a bit bigger, photo's won't become surprises then :)

Always good to hear of people getting together with the LORD specifically as the focus. But then does believers not always do that even meeting in the supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Had I known that bread would be on the table waiting for us I would surely have stopped by. I still feel really sad that I didn't at least try to call you, but I was so afraid of putting pressure on you to hook up. You know my heart sure wanted to. Hope and pray we get another chance. The bread look wonderful my friend.

Amen to Kathy's comment. I'm in total agreement with her :D

Maxine said...

Good to hear from you, Susan! Love that beautiful letter and you are so right about handwritten letters. So neglected today but so precious. Like that tee-shirt a lot! You sound like your life is still going on as always. Thanks for catching us up and I still pray for your daughter.

Midlife Mom said...

I had to stop making the Amish Friendship bread because I was eating WAY too much of it! ha! It is sooooo good! You will enjoy those loaves that you have in your freezer.

You have been busy, I enjoyed your newsy post. That is so special to get a hand written letter, as you say they are almost a thing of the past.

So nice that you have your Bible study friends, it is so important to uphold one another, pray for each other and get into the Word and share!

Take care and keep those great posts coming! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Barbara and I enjoyed a part of a loaf of the Amish bread that Susan brought St. Pats day.. Was it ever good... Just went to dr. last wk and had gained 18# since Oct.. so no more Amish bread for me.. and smaller and I do mean smaller Corned beef and Cabbage dinners...Sticking with meat and cabbage ONLY>>> We enjoy and Love Mickey and Susan so much.. Our deepest prayers are for the healing of Susette. Thanks for you friendship... Don

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by today - I don't write nearly as much as I used to, either. But I'm thankful for each and every blog friend who hangs in with me anyway.

Such wonderful blessings you have recounted for us.

Mountain Mama said...

A handwritten letter is rare these days. I'm so glad your friend sent you one. Love the picture of you reading it too. :)
You have had some wonderful times with friends too. What a precious blessing.
Still praying for Suzette and all of you.
Love & hugs.

Debra said...

Good to hear from you Susan and also enjoyed catching up with you by way of this post. How exciting to get a hand written not from a friend so far away!

Continued prayers and best wishes for you and your family and especially your daughter!

Sunny said...

Susan, so good to read your post. I have been very lax lately about blogging and reading blogs. I am glad you are blessed and doing well. Keep on keeping on.... you are an encouragement to many of us!

Sharon said...

I will sure keep praying for you and your daughter.
It is so rare like you said to get a hand written letter.
I was so glad to see you had some catch ups I sure have missed you.