Friday, November 4, 2011


Last year Mickey & I tried cooking the pumpkin to use it for baking.  We had a terrible time and when we were finished it was a lot of work and did not taste good at all.  At my bible study Tuesday night I asked the gals if they'd like to have my pumpkins and immediately 2 of them told me I should cook them and make puree to cook with.  SO......with their instructions we decided to give it another try.

First Mickey cut the top off, and cut it into 3 pieces. 
  Then I took the pieces and cleaned out the pulp and seeds.

Mickey cut the large cleaned sections into these smaller pieces ......
So we could boil them.  It took about 45 minutes until they were soft. 
Then we dumped the first pan full into the sink and let them cool as we began boiling another pan full.  This food grinder that we used to puree was my mother's and has to be probably 50 years old and it works like a charm!!!  They don't make appliances like they use to.
Mickey is using the food processor as I am peeling the skins off and handing them to him.
This is what the wonderful result looks like as we puree each pan full.
Four pan fulls later here is our finished product, ready for the freezer and to be used for delicious pumpkin breads and I might even try a pie, although I'm not a very good pie baker.  We ended up with these five 3 cup containers and the one 2 cup or a total of 17 cups of pumpkin.  Thelma told me pumpkin was selling for $2.50 a can this year and this would be equivalent to 11 cans or $27.50.
Thanks Thelma & Betty for encouraging me to take the time and effort to prepare this!!!

When I bake the first item I'll let you know if the final results are good.  I'm believing they are going to be great!!!

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Mari said...

I've never cooked pumpkin before - it's good to know how to do it!

Mary said...

Oh, I'm glad it turned out. I cut mine into chunks and put them in a covered bowl in the microwave (squash for pies too) with a little water. When they are tender, after about 5 minutes, I drain them, cool them, and peel them. Then mash them with my hand held potato masher. Very easy. You can peel the chunks before microwaving them, too.

Sunny said...

Proud of you for trying again. I still have canned pumpkin and canned hubbard squash in my pantry from last year. Always nice to have on hand!

Ginger said...

My grandmother had a food grinder like that and used it often. Made me smile to remember her today.

Never tried the pumpkin, but use my micro for acorn squash making it a breeze.

LOVE pumpkin pie and it's one that I can actually make that tastes pretty good. Hope you try one and are pleased.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

You guys did great!

Yet God Is... said...

Feels good having that in the freezer to be able to pull out on a cold wintry day I'll bet. Let us know how it turned out. You mentioned pumpkin bread. My mom used to put chocolate chips in it. Yum!