Monday, December 19, 2011


I am amazed the way God works and moves in our lives.  I am amazed, as I look back over my life, and observe how my life has unfolded.  As I anticipate celebrating my 74th birthday, on Christmas Day, I AM AMAZED at where God has placed me and what He has me doing.

Little did I know, when I began Penless Writer, posting for the first time on January 21, 2007, where that little, simple step, of getting brave enough to step out into the mysterious world (to me!) of blogging, would lead.  I so well remember thinking, "Who in the world cares what an old 69 year old grandmother has to say?" 

Who would have thought - that over these 5 years I would have the pleasure and joy of meeting, in real life, 12 people who I never would have known except for meeting them through Penless Writer. 

Who would have thought - that I would have the joy of having blog friends Danny & Kathy Wright, and their children, Bethany & Daniel, actually spend 3 wonderful days with us at our little home in Coweta, Ok.

Who would have thought - that on May 13, 2008 God would stir me to begin a private prayer blog called Hearts in "1" Accord.

Who would have thought - that on November 11, 2011 God would lead me to take Hearts and convert it to a private fb group, that as of today has 48 members, scattered in various places, praying for the needs of others

Who would have thought - that Mickey & I would spend 6 months or more a year, traveling around the entire United States & Canada in an RV after he retired in 1996 until May, 2005.

Who would have thought - because of those travels, and falling in love with the small towns we visited, God would have us purchase a little  house in a little town 25 miles SE of Tulsa called Coweta in March, 1998.  By the way, that is pronounced CO-we-ta not COW-wet-a!!!

Who would have thought - that God would place us in a little church called Church on the Way that March, 1998  and Mickey would head up a food program in that church giving out groceries once a week to those in the Coweta area.

Who would have thought - when that church closed it's door, God would have us attend a small store front church, Our Finest Hour, and be involved and participate as they built a LARGE beautiful church on HW51 in Coweta. 

Who would have thought - that while at Our Finest Hour we became Care Leaders and serving in that capacity one of the people we would meet was a young mother with a small child in the hospital for 11 months.  That mother was the one who introduced me to her blog and encouraged me to start blogging!!!!

Who would have thought - that God would work on us for months about leaving Our Finest Hour and we fought it hard.  We knew He was telling us to go and we didn't know where.....but on a Wednesday night, December 23, 2005, we walked into the service, during the praise & worship, at Coweta Assembly of God and have been there ever since.  

Who would have thought - that in November, 2009 God would tell Mickey to start a feeding program once a week of preparing a meal for those who needed a noon meal called The King's Kitchen .  For 4 weeks that noon meal was prepared and NO ONE - ZERO came!! 

Who would have thought - that "failure" would be moved to taking in a wholesome meal each and every Tuesday to local shut-ins and the elderly.  The first King's Kitchen meal was delivered on February 9, 2010 and currently five 2 person delivery teams  deliver to around 50 people a week.

Who would have thought - that in January, 2009 I would be asked to join a small bible study at the home of a woman I didn't even know from our church.  At the first meeting, on the 12th, there were only 3 of us.  

Who would have thought - that the Klothes Kloset clothing ministry would begin from this group in September of that year.  That ministry is still going strong and still being manned by woman from this bible study.  We have ordered the book "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer and will begin our 3rd year of meeting every Monday morning, at Judy's home, on January 9th.

Who would have thought - that in March of this same year, 2009, another friend from church, Sandra,  would tell me she was beginning a bible study in her home on Tuesday evenings.  She lives 30 miles from me but I told her I'd come the first time just to support her.  After the first meeting I knew I was not going to miss these studies.  Thus was born 3rd Day Sisters.  I attended until she discontinued the latter part of 2010.

Who would have thought - that I would begin WOW Women (Woman of the Word) on January 18, 2011 and 4 of the 12 of us that began that evening were 3rd Day Sisters.  This group is growing strong.  We finished our 1st study, "Born for Battle" in
September and began our 2nd study, Crazy Love.

Who would have thought - that as we were waiting to began Crazy Love the Lord would put on my heart to invite my dear friend, Kathy, to participate with us in this study and be included in the private WOW Women fb group.  She did so on October 11th, reading along with us and commenting on the fb group.

Who would have thought - that since adding Kathy in October the Lord would have me add 3 more woman from afar:  Shari from another small Oklahoma town 160 miles away; Betty in Japan; & Karen in Alabama.  

Who would have thought!!!!  I don't know where God will lead and guide as I begin my 74th year of life and my 14th year in this little town of Coweta but one thing is for long as I have breath in my lungs I will cling to HIM and HE will lead and direct me and  I WILL BE AMAZED because HE is an AMAZING GOD.

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Mari said...

"Who would have thought?" Not us - but thankfully God did! Amazing!

Brenda said...

All from letting the Lord direct your steps. To take a step takes action. You acted upon the desires He placed in your hearts. And see how much He's blessed you!

Becky said...

Oh Susan! This had me in tears. God is so good. And I am SO thankful that you have allowed Him to use you in so many amazing ways. Who would have though? Indeed.

Mountain Mama said...

Isn't it amazing the places the Lord takes us if we will just close our eyes and take his hand in faith. I do believe this is where Life actually begins.
Christmas blessings to you and your's Susan.

Sylvia said...

Reading through your blog today, and seeing how God has led you both on your amazing journey with Him, the words of that song came to me. "What is on your heart, tell me what to do and I will follow You". You and Micky have been obedient to what He's asked you to do and amazing things have followed.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading this and seeing where the Lord has taken you and will continue to do so.
I care very much about what is going on in your life and I want to tell you how your post has giving me inspiration over the past years.
My gd from Tulsa always corrects me on the way I say coweta.

Kathy said...

Susan, what I find so wonderful is that we all could write a similar story, and many of those stories would include your name. Such would be the case with our family.
I have often said that if I died today, at 51 years young, that I wouldn't feel cheated (maybe in some ways I might), but that I have lived a very full life, and have seen the Lord do some wonderful things many of which I've been able to participate in. We love you, and we're thankful for the amazing things the Lord has done in our friendship with you. God is good beyond what words can say!

Jenileigh said...

What a beautiful testimony.