Thursday, March 1, 2012

3rd Book of 2012 - The 10 Second Rule

This is a small book of only 12 chapters and 176 pages.
The title says it ALL.
Yes, it's about not only HEARING the voice of God but DOING what HE tells you to do.

Actually this book just confirms what my husband and I began to do last September when we stepped out in faith and paid a number of bills for an older couple (funny for me to be using THAT term when Mickey & I are 74 & 79!!!  Guess we don't see ourselves as we truly are.) who had gotten in a bind and needed help.  And no, we did not know them previously.  God just put them in our path and said, "help them". 

I cannot tell you what a release it was for us, in so many ways, to be obedient like this.  Since then we have truly been hearing and obeying God to the best of our ability.  The thing that has also been confirmed to us cannot out give God......the more we give the more HE gives back to us and blesses us in ways that cannot be measured or counted.

Reading this book has just solidified this truth in our hearts.  In fact, there is one thing the Lord has instructed me to do, which I am stepping out and being faithful in obeying.  A little later I will tell you what that is and what the result is.  

I truly encourage ALL of you, who truly want to be more obedient to Jesus and walk the walk along with our talk, to pick up this book, read and see for yourself.

We are called to be Jesus hands, feet, mouth, ears:  The Body of
Let's do it~~~~
Denny - Will you please contact me some way that I can get back in contact with you?  I've tried but just come up blank.  As to your question yesterday about my Scripture Garden, you can read about it here .  Don't know why this didn't link properly above.  This was a post I did in June of 2008. 
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Sunny said...

Susan, This post is such a blessing to me today, because I had to make a financial decision by faith just recently, and this is certainly confirmation to me that I have obeyed the Lord's direction on this, and someone else is about to recieve a tremendous blessing. I am doing a "happy dance" in the Lord!! Isn't it amazing how happy we become by obedience?

Brenda said...

Great testimony! Being able to really hear the Lord's voice needs to be constantly cultivated and can only be heard in His presence less all outside distractions.

Clare De Graaf said...

I'm honored that you were challenged by my book, The 10 Second Rule especially in light of the great writers on your booklist. Thank you for your recommendation. Great blog!