Sunday, April 29, 2012

MARC building his computer

Our son, Marc, is in the process of building his own computer.  This will be the SEVENTH computer he has build from scratch.  Not only Marc, but also his brother David, who lives in California, are computer whizzes!!  David is actually a Network Engineer by profession.  They are both so proud of me for being a blogger and so active on fb with three accounts!!  They are even prouder of Mickey who has, and continues to, learn so much about the actual operation and make-up of the equipment so he can help me when I get into a jam. 

The empty boxes in his foyer from which all the parts were ordered from different companies.
This table set up in his bedroom with all the assorted parts (bells & whistles in my vernacular!) ready to be assembled together.   The PCU unit sitting below. 
New laptop with headphones hooked in.
Computer screen.
Marc showing his dad some of the details of the PCU unit which has been pulled out into the living room.
Marc still explaining even further to his dad about this new piece of equipment and all the features it has.

Can you tell we are proud of our son?  You would be, too!!!

The interior of the finished processor after he had it all assembled and working.  
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Mari said...

Yes - I would be proud too! Nice job Marc!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

As he should be proud!

Debra said...

That's pretty amazing to have that kind of talent. I can't imagine putting a computer togeter from scratch!And what a blessing to have someone to turn to when these computers give us headaches!