Monday, April 16, 2012


Once again, my blog friend Brenda, with her one word post this morning of NEGATIVE  has inspired me to write on the subject.

As a teenager I made a decision that I would CHOOSE, you know we do have a choice, not to spend time, or too much effort, on or with NEGATIVE people.  You know the type all to well.....the sun may be shining and beautiful  today, but they are worried, complaining and anticipating the rain, snow, wind, or excessive heat, tomorrow.  Or, this meal really tastes good, BUT I'll probably pay for it later, because...........(fill in the blanks there can be a 100 reasons) that it will make them sick, or fat, or SOMETHING.

Now, don't get me wrong, as a Christian I am nice and polite and certainly not unkind....BUT I choose to surround myself and my life with POSITIVE people who always see the glass 1/2 full and not 1/2 empty.  Those wonderful -
kind of people.  I praise God, because those are the type people I look for and seek out, HE has literally surrounded me with IRON, especially in my Spiritual walk and Christian journey of growth and study.

Yes, there is great power in words, and I realize that even my words here, as I type them, can have great power and impact on those who happen by and choose to read them.  I pray that the power of these words I have chosen to place here will have 3 effects:  (1) If you are one of those very negative people who always see the glass 1/2 empty, begin TODAY to change.  You know, it is never to late and we can all make changes if we really want and desire to do so;  (2) Truly watch who you choose to have as friends and surround yourself with positive, encouraging, challenging and strengthening people; and (3) Determine today, right now this minute, to be begin to have a positive, optimistic, encouraging, hopeful view of your day, your circumstances, your life.  

God has given ALL of us so much and we have so much to be THANKFUL and OPTIMISTIC about so let's bring glory and honor to HIM in all that we not only say, but even our thoughts. 
Let's be a positive piece of IRON that sharpens all who we are blessed to encounter today.   


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Life is to short to be negative!

Mari said...

I feel the same! Negativity breeds negativity so it's best to avoid it!

Sharon said...

I also agree that life is to short to be negative,but I want to thank you for the reminder to see things on the positive side.

Betty W said...

What do you do when your husband is like that? When someone asks my hubby how he is doing, he'll never say "good", he'll say " well i guess things are ok, but if so and so were different it would be better". YOu know?
It's hard to live with such a partner, but I try to put a positive spin on things. :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

My parents were both pretty negative. It does have an affect on you, I know. I never heard that 'I could' do something, it was usually 'you can't.'
I go out of my way to avoid negative people now! I am nice to people even tho I don't always agree with their way of seeing things, but I try not to be around them anymore than I have to.

Brenda said...

I like your post better than mine!
Some people don't realize how much their words affect them not only spiritually but physically. They wonder why they are sick all the time, or always having a bad day. The one that really gets me are parents who call their kids 'tyrants' or 'monsters' (kidding of course) and then gripe when their kids act up and 'drive them crazy'! Don't get me started!
I guess that's why I stuck with a short post!

kc bob said...

The glass is usually half full. :)

retha said...

I'll quote Brenda "don't get me started"
This topic can cause me to be somewhat negative - I have negative feelings about being negative or hearing negative all the time. It is true sometimes things get on top a person, somewhere the look and see must bring the understanding LIFE is LOVE and GRACE.