Friday, June 22, 2012

The 180 Degree Christian

My 7th book for 2012 is:

Sorry for the dark gray area around the book.  Don't know how to operate my new Epson copier as far as the picture cropping is concerned :o(

Carter Conlon, the author, is Senior Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City.  This book sort of builds on The 10 Second Rule, which I have blogged about several times and am currently teaching as a small group study, but did not have the same impact on me.  He does st forth a clarion call to worship the true Christ of the Bible.

Quoting from page 161:  "We may very well be the generation that Malachi spoke about - the generation that is going to bring Christ to reputation again.  Even so, it all begins with a personal choice.  You
still must decide for yourself - are you in, or are you out?   Which image will you follow?   Will you follow a Christ that allows you to be sensual and self-indulgent, or will you follow the Christ who Moses did, giving himself to lead the children of Israel.  Paul asked the Corinthian Church, 'Examine yourselves.'  Moses asked, 'Who is on the Lord's side?'  I urge you to stop and consider today where you stand."

I agree, we are probably the generation which will see Christ's return.  I agree, that a lot of what is being preached in many churches is a watered down gospel and not the gospel, or the Christ of the Bible.  I agree, it is time we take a strong stand as Christians and be prepared for persecution unless our nation makes a full and complete turning from the way we are headed.

I know who's side I'm on.  I trust you have made your choice.
It is a personal choice.


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Shannon Bee said...

Sounds like a pretty good book! I've been hearing a lot of stuff lately about people trying to get back to the original gospel and live by that rather than a water down version, so that's really awesome! :)
Oh, And I know who's side I'm on for sure! :)

Mari said...

I agree that we may well be that generation. I know whose side I'm on too.
Our church just lost our building and is meeting in a school because we left the denomination we have been a part of for 90 years. Our denomination is no longer standing for the truth of the Bible, Christ being the only way and other things so we knew we had to make a stand. It's been tough, but most of our congregation came along and we know we are doing what is right!