Friday, June 1, 2012

LovingOutLoudx #1 and The 10 Second Rule

What's all this about?????!!!!!  Following God~~

What an exciting year 2012 has been so far - and we still have 7 months left!!!  I not only love God with all my heart but HE continues to amaze me in how HE works and moves among HIS people.

Our Pastor Steve began the first Sunday in 2012 with a series titled:  ALL IN - then he did a series on VISION - and he just finished with the 3rd series this year - LIVE TO GIVE.  In addition, on Wednesday nights he has been doing a series PENTECOST & THE MODERN CHURCH which just ended this past Wednesday night.  

So very much has been, and is being birthed at Coweta Assembly of God and it is so very exciting.
After reading The 10 Second Rule book, in February,  I felt like The Lord wanted me to start a Small Group class on Sunday mornings to teach this principal.  I posted all about this process here, so won't repeat it. The class was named by Pastor Steve as Real Christianity - "Living out the heart beat of Christ" and after being promoted for about 6 weeks we had our first session on May 6th.  I asked Kent to join me and he and I are acting as felicitators.  As of this past Sunday there are 37 attending.  God is doing a great work in ALL of us through this class.  It is exciting to watch, see and be part of.  I'll be posting on it along the way I'm sure :o)  The stories that people are already sharing are amazing.  God it truly at work in US!!!

Another great idea, that came forth from a young man, Anthony,  in our congregation, was to make a card that could be handed out by our congregation when we do show forth the Love of God in an Act of Kindness.  They decided to call it LovingOutLoud. 

This is the card that was developed - Isn't it great?  So simple, yet so profound and directs 90% of the attention to GOD with only our name pretty small in the corner.

This card works in so well with The 10 Second Rule and also as God is moving on people who attend CAG to show forth The Love Of God in big and small ways.  When you do something for someone you just hand them a card at the end to let them know that it is all because of God.  Mickey & I have been privileged to hand out 4 of these cards so far.

Another NEW ministry that is just being birthed, (announced this past Sunday) as a result of  Pastor Steve's messages stirring us, is LOVE OUT LOUD.  This young couple, Josh & Tracey will be taking 5 to 10 baskets (filled with food, or toiletry items, or goodies of various kinds - they'll decide) each month out and placing them on a strangers porch in our community with just a note in them.  What a great, wonderful idea!!!

God is truly getting us: 1) out of our comfort zones!!! -  2) out from the confines of  the Church building - 3) out into our community & 4) to truly be Jesus hands, feet, eyes, ears & mostly HEART.

All of this is IN ADDITION to the many ministries that CAG is already involved in:  Klothes Kloset, The King's Kitchen, Bridge Builders, Girls Ministry, Royal Rangers, Co-ed Volleyball, Men's Basketball, a ministry of helping to repair houses (that is yet to be named!) & a Mission's Team leaving for El Salvador June 8-16.  Yes, we are very happy, and blessed, to be part of such a loving, dynamic Body of Believers.

I'm excited about what God is doing.
Go - and do likewise!!!!

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Momma Roar said...

I *love* this! This makes me excited - I wish our church was doing things like this. So, I'm getting this book and recommending it to our small group to do this fall. We just did a Max Lucado study on the book of James! :)

Thank you for sharing! And I'm so excited to follow along!!

Mari said...

I love hearing what's happening in your church! It's great that people from the congregation are stepping up with ideas and following through on them. The cards are a great idea and just having them opens peoples eyes to things around them that can be done for others.

Shannon Bee said...

Wow, those are really awesome things your church is doing. I love it when God moves us to do His work and exemplify the way we're supposed to be living! :)