Saturday, February 2, 2013

ANOTHER - Oh Happy Day

February 1st- Aric, Mickey and I had the joy of going with our son Marc to the auto dealership to pick up his 2011 Cadilac STS (Seville Touring Sedan) with 32,000 miles.

Marc had been researching and checking out this model of Cadilac for several years and knew exactly what he wanted: down to the silver exterior and all leather interior with every bell and whistle available. He located it in St. Louis and had it brought to Tulsa to drive and be certain it was what he wanted.
It was all he hoped it would be!!!

In these three pictures he is giving it the FINAL check-out with the salesman.

Marc, Aric and Mickey as Marc is ready to "take it home".  I actually got to ride in the front seat and Aric in the back, as Mickey had to drive the Taurus home. Then Aric and I went into the house (it was cold this day) and Marc took his dad on his first, of what will be MANY, rides.

Parked in front of his home.  
Another goal achieved!!!!

With sharp lines and a commanding profile, the Cadillac STS (produced 2005-2011) was truly a driver’s luxury sedan. Engineered to accelerate, corner, brake and respond, the 2011 STS 5-passenger touring sedan carried a 302 HP direct-injection V6. The 6-speed automatic transmission allowed clutch-free manual shifting, and the available Performance Handling Package that included Brembo® race-inspired brakes added a new level of performance to this luxury sedan. Also available in Premium or Platinum Packages, the STS offered technologically advanced features like Side Blind Zone Alert, touch-screen navigation with voice recognition and heated/cooled front seats. The Cadillac STS–sophistication with attitude.

The 2005 Maroon Ford Taurus had been all fixed up, including new tires, and is going to his daughter Oksana, in Indiana, as her 18th birthday gift on the 23rd of this month.  He actually can't take it to her until July because she has to be a licensed driver for at least 6 months before she can have a car titled in her name in Indiana. That was a bummer Marc didn't find out about until last month but she KNOW'S ITS COMING !!!!!

Yes, it was yet another Oh Happy Day for this Joyce family on many fronts. 

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Momma Roar said...
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Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful blessing!

I had to chuckle when I got to the end of this - as we have now both been blogging 6 years, and it was a post about you driving one of your granddaughters to a birthday party. (I believe I had the wrong granddaughter in my first comment) :)

It's been a wonderful 6 years blogging with's to many more! :)

Can't wait to see pictures of Oksana behind the wheel of the Taurus! :)

retha said...

Oksana driving her own car! So grown up.

Mari said...

Congratulations to Marc! This is a blessing to him and to Oksana too!

Jenileigh said...

That is one beautiful car!!

Brenda said...

What a beauty! How fun for Oksana to know she has a car already. I like that rule about driving for 6 months.