Friday, February 8, 2013

Walking in the Dust of Rabbi JESUS

This is the 3rd book I've read so far in 2013.  WOW - what a wonderful, instructive, deeply moving book. 

I was in tears many times reading this book because my JESUS became so very real on it's pages.  The deeper insight into understanding is amazing as we learn to view Jesus as the JEWISH Rabbi that He was and is.  

Lois Tverberg blends in the Hebraic words, even their phonetic pronunciations and meanings, into the text.  I found that an amazing learning addition.  Understanding of New Testament scriptures I am so familiar with became even more alive with that deeper understanding. 

It was hard to select a portion to quote, because there is so much meat in this book but I selected this one on page 113, in Chapter 8, Taking My Thumb Off the Scale:  "The two other lines of Matthew 5:22 are about insults, which by definition are negative judgments.  If I meet a woman who is assertive and I like her, I'll say she's "bold and self-confident."  But if I dislike her, I'll call her "arrogant and loud-mouthed."  My best friend might be "disorganized," but my enemy is a "slob."  A store clerk who can't answer a question might simply be uninformed, but in my judgmental head, I'll call him "stupid" and "clueless."  Insults like "raca" or "fool" show contempt.  They render the final verdict  on the person, not just the sin." 

I highly recommend this book.  

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Anonymous said...

I will have to go to the book store and see if I can find it.It sounds like a good book
I have a new blogsite so I hope that you stop by
Blessed Old

Sunny said...

Putting this into my next Amazon order if it is available there. Just the title alone draws me to the book!

Mountain Mama said...

I have not read it but it sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing your opinion Susan.