Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On February 21st I posted about purchasing and reading The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by A. W. Tozer.   

After finishing it, I remembered I had read another book by Tozer so I went to my bookshelf and pulled out The Pursuit of God to scan through.  Well, a few underscored items and I knew it was time to re-read this wonderful book.  Which I did. 
That Sunday at small group I mentioned to my co-facilitator, Kent, how moved I was with Tozer's writing.  He stated he had been given some Tozer books by a neighbor that were in a box and would bring me some.  On Tuesday Kent showed up with four of Tozer's books for me!!!  The above book,  and the following 3 pictured.

PLUS, Men Who Talk Back to God, which I passed on to a friend at church before scanning it for a picture here. 

SO I have read (I should truly say "devoured") these additional 5 books in the past 10 days.  

AND I will be obtaining and reading more of A. W. Tozer's wonderful insight and work.

All of these works are wonderful and worth reading but if I had to select one of the above to recommend first it would be I Talk Back to the Devil.  A very powerful book.  I would love to quote some of it here but I have already passed that book forward to another friend to read.

I highly recommend reading A. W. Tozer - but if you are an avid reader, as I am, beware-----you may end up reading MANY and find it hard to put them down once you start.

How many of you are familiar with his work?  Do they speak to you as they speak to me?

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Anonymous said...

I have not read any of his books but I will look for them at the library my next visit.
Thanks for sharing this info.
Have a great day.

retha said...

I have never heard of this man before, just last night I read up on him. Because of your quotes. Now I can say I have heard of him and have an idea of who he was.

Mari said...

I know his name, but haven't read any of his books. I'll have to looks for some. Thanks for the review!

Mary Lee said...

It appears I may need to find find some of Tozer's books!