Friday, June 7, 2013


Monday, June 3rd, my dear blog friend Kathy wrote:  "I did some thinking this morning while I was running a grocery errand. I wondered why I post my blessings. Is it that it matters to anyone else? Maybe or maybe not. For me, though, finding words that capture what I encounter, especially when it's *good*, is encouraging for me in motherhood. I *remember* and recall to mind as I write.

After my thinking time, this is what I found on my return: the children had tidied up the living room, and finished cleaning the kitchen, even so far as draping a towel over the unwashed dishes in the sink that didn't fit in the dishwasher, which is my own way (especially if we're having guests for dinner). I am thankful and blessed. I found them sitting side by side on the love seat, reading, and listening to the soundtrack for "The Empire Strikes Back." I could get used to this! ♥"

I started to leave a comment and then realized my "comment" was getting too long so decided to turn it into a blog post!!

As I was considering her remard I realized the I  for one, am always posting my blessings. As I was reading her post I was asking myself. "Why do I do that?". These are my reasons: 
1) because I truly am thankful that I am so blessed by My Lord.. 
2) I know I am encouraged to read of God blessings bestowed on others and I trust that by doing so I am an encouragement to others.
3) It makes me more aware of every little detail of my life that truly is a blessing and to not take them forgranted.
4) It is important that we speak things and typing is a form of speaking. 
5) Our "word" and "thoughts" are so important.

So, I was wondering how you, who read this blog, feel on this subject.  Do you post about your blessing?  If so, what are your reasons.  If not, what are the reasons you don't.   Remember.....

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Lady Jane said...

I dont post enough of them....

Mari said...

I do, but like Lady Jane, I don't post enough. When you pay attention there are so many ways we are blessed and I think I need to share it more.

retha said...

It is long now that I am struggling with putting my thoughts on the blog. Even that what I am doing there now, I feel too much it is like I brag. My other thought, for me and what I write is; "so what" "and then"
I have tried to write stuff I am learning in the Journey, that too feels weird.
Another something I struggle with, my way to write what I think does not easily come together. Making it -I am certain - difficult for another to understand exactly what I say.
SO for me it is not only about writing of thankfulness, but broader.

Unknown said...

It would do us good to post more of our blessings than our rants and ventings; and that we move toward ONLY posting encouragement and blessing and NEVER using posting to vent.

Sylvia said...


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Hmmm....things to think about! I am blessed but don't post about my blessing nearly enough!

Anonymous said...

I don't post anymore on blogs and I must say that I still do enjoy reading them and there are days what others post I find comfort and inspiration from them.
Thank for sharing this.

Denny said...

I haven't blogged in so long and just started back today. I have always enjoyed yours so to me, they are a blessing.