Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Book #16 - THE CRUCIFIED LIFE by A.W. Tozer

We just finished this wonderful book Sunday in our Real Christianity Small Group class.
If you are serious about having a closer walk with Jesus and truly making Him LORD, and not just Savior, of your life I highly recommend this book.

It was published in 2011 and while it was not "written by" A.W. Tozer (1897-1963), it is a selection of some of the many sermon's he preached. 

One quote Tozer makes, in speaking of other writers: "...the writer was able to express my deepest feelings for God in language far better than my ability to compose."
this is my feelings exactly of this entire book,

And this truth, "If our hearts are not prepared to receive, our time in these books will not be well spent."  

The final quote of the book:
"God's most delicate tools are reserved for His special children.  For the Christian on the path of the crucified life, God will bring into his pathway the fiery furnace, the Refiner's Fire, and show that Christian how much He really loves him."

I am thankful for this book.  I am thankful for this 19 week study, with MUCH discussion,  that our Small Group just  completed on September 1st.  I dare say, there is not one of those who attended faithfully who have not been changed to some degree and more committed to become 
ALL THAT JESUS intends for us to become as HIS blood, bought redeemed.  

This is the 7th A.W. Tozer book I have read this year.
I HIGHLY recommend this book of sermons if you truly are interested in 
LIVING The Crucified LIFE.

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Denny said...

I will order that book as soon as I can find my Kobo reader. I misplaced it. Thanks for the heads up. I think it would be great to attend one of your studies.