Saturday, September 21, 2013


I don't know about you - but I am very glad that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that God has, does, and always will provide according to His riches in glory, and not according to my ability. 

Let's be honest, there is NEVER a good time for some unforeseen, and unexpected, event to happen that we didn't have in the budget and were not expecting.  

Such was our experience last Thursday.  I walked out to the garage to get my ironing board to discover water running out of "somewhere" on the floor.  Because of the placement I came in and told Mickey, "Either the radiator on the car or the hot water heater is broken because water is coming from somewhere."  Issue #1 - Turns out it was the hot water heater.

My detailed, always on top of everything, husband checked to be sure what the size was, 40 gallons, before we headed to Low**e's to purchase a new one.  

We get our new 40 gallon hot water heater and head home.  We did have help putting it into the truck bed there but Mickey had to get it out by himself, with the littlest of help from me, when we got home.

He removes the old 40 gallon heater from it's spot and get's the new 40 gallon heater from the box.  Issue #2 - they may both be 40 gallon tanks, but the new one is shorter and wider, consequently none of the fittings, tubes, etc. are going to reach. Fortunately, we had some concrete blocks and a flat, square piece of lumber, and Mickey was able to raise the new tank to the correct height.  Yes, our God did supply.

Mickey got everything in place and ready to hook-up.  A friend of ours from church had called with the name of a young man who does side jobs, including plumbing, so Mickey gave him a call to come help us.  He was occupied on a job but said he'd be by after he finished.  Yes, our God supplied again because we had no idea who to call and Low***e's had wanted an extra $259 for installation. 

By 8 p.m. the new hot water tank is in place and ready to go and the final step of installation only cost us $65, a $194 savings since Mickey could and did do the bulk of all the work before calling for help.  

We had been saving for 4 new tires which are needed on our HHR so we had the $432 this little unexpected mishap ended up costing. I know somehow our God will provide the funds for those tires before we start having any flats or a blow-out. Yes, 

HE is our provider.  
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Mari said...

I love how our God shows Himself in our times of trouble. He always takes care of us!
I also appreciate your appreciation of Mickey. You two are a great team!