Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Book #18 - ANGELS by Billy Graham

First published 38 years ago, in 1975 and many times since, this is a wonderful book well worth reading.

I found it especially moving as I was reading. realizing that Reverend Graham, now 95 years old and with his family requesting prayer for him the past week, is living out the final job of angels, taking HIS saints home. 

Containing 15 Chapters covering every aspect of Angels work and assignments this book has been an enlightening, wonderful read & study.  I highly recommend this book.  

A few quotes that jumped out at me:  "After all, references to the holy angels in the Bible far outnumber references to Satan and his subordinate demons." Chapter 2 - Angels Are For Real.

"Underneath Satan's pride lurked the deadliest of all sins, the sin of covetousness.  He wanted what did not belong to him.  Virtually every war ever fought began because of covetousness."  and "Satan will do all in his power to make us trust ourselves instead of Christ."  Chapter 6 - Lucifer and the Angelic Rebellion   

"While all men are sinners by nature, choice and practice, yet it is their deliberate rejection of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord that cause the judgment of eternal separation from God."  Chapter 9 - Angels - God's Agents in Judgment 

"He is not here, but is risen" Luke 24:6.  Those few words changed the history of the universe.  Darkness and despair died; hope and anticipation were born in the hearts of men."  Chapter 11 - Angel Ministries in the Life of Jesus.

"Only one thin veil separates our natural world from the spiritual world"  and "In another connection I have already mentioned Lazarus, whom angels escorted to Abraham in heaven.  This story has always been a tremendous comfort to me as I think about death.  I will actually be taken by angels into the presence of God."  and "We who have made our peace with God should be like the evangelist D.L. Moody.  When he was aware that death was at hand, he said, 'Earth recedes, heaven open before me.'" and "At the moment of death the spirit departs from the body and moves through the atmosphere." and "The Bible guarantees every believer an escorted journey into the presence of Christ by the Holy angels." all from Chapter 11 - The Angels and Death. 

Reading this book has made the reality of Angels and the spiritual world enen more vivid and real to me than ever before.  Yes, I highly recommend this book. 
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Mari said...

I've never heard of this book but it sounds very good!