Thursday, December 5, 2013

An ANGEL from my far away ANGEL

I am so very thankful for SOOO many blessings that my Lord & Savior, Jesus The Christ, has bestowed on me.  

One of the greatest blessings are the wonderful Christian friends and Sisters-in-Christ my Lord and Savior, JESUS, has connected me with.

One of these is my dear friend Retha.  We "met" via our blogs way back in 2007, almost 7 years ago. Retha is a jewel and a gem in my life in many ways.

Yesterday, when Mickey brought in the mail I had a package from South Africa from Retha. Enclosed, wrapped in many layers of wrapping was this precious, sparkling, shining 2 1/2", very fragile, little crystal angel.  

Here she sits, in front of some books to try and get a picture of her sparking , dainty beauty.

Retha and I are separate by 9,077 miles!!!
She lives in South Africa--8 time zones away from me in Oklahoma,
BUT in the Spirit and in the heart we are so connected!!!
Though we will never meet in person here on earth, she will be one of the very first I will rush to meet some day in heaven!!!  We both cling to that reality and hope.  

Here she joins my other 5 smallest angels, in my large angel collection.  She will actually "live" in the front and center of these other 5 on this mirror plate. I lined them up this way in order to get a decent picture of all of them.  
The 4 holding the gem hearts represent my 4 children and came on my 69th birthday cake from my daughter, Jacque.  They are as follows:
Blue - Hope - Son David
Pink - Love - Son Marc
Green - Joy - Daughter Suzette
Purple - Faith - Daughter Jacque
The other crystal angel, on the other end, is a Christmas present several years ago that my friend, Jeanne, gave each of us in the WOW -  (Woman of the Word ) Bible Study.

Thank you Retha for your thoughtfulness, love & friendship.  
When I look at this littlest angel I will remember Christmas 2013, which will also be my 76th birthday. 

(((((HUGS))))) across these 9,000+ miles to you 
my dear, precious friend. 

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Shirley said...

How beautiful! Also, how thoughtful of her to send it to you. Treasured friend, indeed.

Sylvia said...

That is SO very special

Mari said...

What a precious gift! I'm so glad she made it all that distance in one piece.

Humble wife said...

Wow. How special! I love the angel collections and how each has such a special meaning!!