Friday, December 20, 2013


Our beautiful, sensitive, lovely daughter Jacque is celebrating her birthday on Sunday the 22nd.  Since we are leaving tomorrow to spend Christmas with our son David in Florida 

 We will be taking our gifts to Lone Star Steak house tonight

 where this group - Benny - Susan - Mickey - Aric - Marc - Jacque 
will be celebrating her BIRTHDAY.
(this picture is from Mother's Day)

I thought it would be fun to show a few past pictures of Jacque
 2nd Birthday - sister Suzette's 3rd - they were only 1 year and 9 days apart in age and VERY close.

 First grade

 High school

 2007 with her daddy clowning it up in her new home she had just purchased.

 This past year and the new to her car she had just purchased and driven over to the house that night to show us

 Her birthday lunch last year for her & I and then went for manicures and pedicures

 Last Christmas (2012) with the nutcracker we bought her.
Daughter Jessica & I and all of us wearing the Santa Hats Jacque brought everyone!

 Brother Marc & Jacque 
Even though there is 14 1/2 years difference in their ages these 2 are VERY close and Marc is very supportive and helpful to Jacque

Me and my beautiful Jacque this past summer.

We are so sad that Jacque & Jessica were not able to go with us to Florida this Christmas but they will be very much in our hearts.

You are so loved Jacque!!!!!

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Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Jacque! I enjoyed the pictures.

kc bob said...

Have a great trip to Florida Susan! Enjoy the time away and have a very Merry Christmas!

retha said...

So very true, Jaque you are beautiful
Photo with March is very impressive {right now I do not know the correct word.}