Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Amazing God

There is a story behind this road sign!!!

Go to Double Nickle  and read ALL about it.

I love the way God works in mysterious ways!!  I first met Jen and her family about 7 years ago via her blog Pen of Jen.  She and I have followed each other faithfully over these past 7 years and we were even scheduled to visit them in October 2004 but had to abort that visit due to Mickey's heart.

I have followed their wonderful, inspiring journey of The Double Nickle Farm and the growth of her children leaving the nest.  Our connection was first and foremost based on strong Spiritual beliefs and values.   

This is another picture Jen took and even though it is showing the desolate surroundings and I know that is a telephone pole and lines in the picture it also looks like a Cross!!!

So as Mickey & I and Jen & Bill follow Gods leading and direction in our individual spiritual walks with God we know, without a doubt, that God has had and does have His plans and purposes for this connection.  Nothing happens by accident in the lives of us who have made Jesus LORD.

Yes, the road sign reads:  
Joy Road & Hope Highway!!!

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Humble wife said...

Oh Susan! I did note the phone pole cross and the back story to our picnic area is even more of God, as Bill tried to pull over to a spot he saw on our drive to Artesia. But it was nearing dusk and when he saw the place it was too hard to stop and he said, "no worries, another place is just a bit away, I am sure!" Of course, hope and joy awaited!

Thank you so much for being a faithful servant to our Lord. You allow the Light to shine in your presence on line and for that I am thankful! I am so thankful we have met even if it has been only online!

Bill and Jen

Mari said...

I just love the way God works!

country girl said...

Susan I agree with Jen.
You are such a wonderful and warm person.
I still remember that day we had coffee.
I love that photo of the poles that look like a Cross. Thanks for sharing.

retha said...

Hi, Jen!
That is a lovely story. Would like to know what other names that place has. How uplifting to be reminded, every time you write or say your address, Joy rd.