Saturday, November 15, 2014


Strange title I know ~~~~  Here's the whole story.  

Ever get the "bug" for a new car?  Suddenly every time you are on the road driving you begin to notice cars and think "It sure would be nice to have a new car!"  You try and shake it, but everywhere you look you see a car that is "catching your eye".

This has been happening to Mickey and I over the past few weeks and suddenly we found ourselves looking at cars ---- our criteria something under 2 years old and under 30,000 miles.  Guess what????  Didn't take long at all to find something we really liked.  I had told Mickey, at the beginning if we got a newer car I wanted leather seats.

We left the dealership pretty much convenienced we had found what we wanted and were going to buy it but wanted to "sleep on it".  All the way home, and I mean ALL the way, The Holy Spirit keep speaking to me "Owe no man anything but to love the Lord."  Mickey and I have been debt free for a number of years now and we had said, "We will NEVER go in debt again."   Unbeknown to me, Mickey was thinking the same thing as we drove home.  Then we both voiced what God was saying to us to each other.  STILL that tug for that new car lingered!!!  

This was on Wednesday and of course we went to Wednesday night services.  Pastor Steve is currently preaching a series on Emotions.  His topic that night was on anxiety and one of the points was A Divided Mind.  He began using the example of going into debt and suddenly ended up using the example of buying a car and ended by saying, "I don't know why I've spent so much time on this.  It isn't even in my notes."  Mickey and I squeezed each others hands -- we knew why.......God was speaking to us.  After the service I shared and confirmed to Pastor Steve how he had truly heard God speaking to share that and told him about the car. 

The truth of the matter was --- our HHR was still a very good car and one that fit our needs so well, the only problem was that it had very light tan upholstered seats that had gotten badly soiled and we also had some bad stains on the back carpet where some King's Kitchen meals had spilled. SO I began to check out getting some new leather seats put in.

Yesterday we did just that!!!!  And had the entire car detailed down to the 9's.  

Here is our BEAUTIFUL 1/2 new car.  It truly looks brand new and we could not be more delighted.  The picture looks lighter, but the seats we selected are the exact dark brown of the partial dark brown dash and the accent trim on the doors.  The young man who did the full detail did an excellent job and every inch of the car, inside and out looks brand new -- except for a few dents, dings and ouchies on the exterior.

SO - We have our hearts wish and WE OWE NO MAN ANYTHING EXCEPT TO LOVE GOD.   Thank You blessed Holy Spirit for speaking to not only us but The Pastor over us.  HIS SHEEP TRULY HEAR HIS VOICE.  I am so thankful we are HIS.

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Mari said...

Oh Susan - I love hearing how God spoke to both of you. And I love how He worked it all out!

retha said...

I looks very good. Would never have thought it was not 'standard'

pearlie said...

I enjoyed reading your story :) God truly speaks to us and we need to open our ears to hear him.

Brenda said...

Love this, Susan. I wouldn't have even thought about new seats! But I'm also with you on the "never going into debt again".
I'm giving blogging a go again, and look forward to visiting more, though I know we already visit on FB.