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On January 18, 2011, 5 years & 5 months ago!,  I opened my home every Tuesday evening, at 6:30 for a Bible Study group called Woman of the World (WOW).  There were 12 woman here that first night.  Over these ensuing years  Six of this core group still remain, and many others have come, passed through and gone.  Even during the illness, and loss of our first-born daughter, Suzette, to her 7 1/2 month battle with cancer, WOW has continued and these woman sustained me during that time.

God never leaves us the same ----- !!!!  Recently He stirred in my heart to do the most important study that we have done to date.

This picture is a wonderful edible fruit arrangement, a gift from my daughter, Jacque, that I served this past Tuesday, and two copies (the same teaching but different covers) of Andrew Murray on Prayer.

 I began an extension of this group for the sole purpose of not only studying, but becoming a strong group of Intercessors.  The blue cover in the middle is the book I first purchased in June of 2000.  I have read this book completely several times, and parts of it even more times over these past 11 years.  Next to The BIBLE this book has taught me the most, and drawn me closer to my GOD and JESUS, My Savior than any other study.  The book on the right, in the light grey cover, is the newest edition which the other woman are using, BUT every word inside these two copies is exactly the same.  This book contains 666 pages and actually contains 6 separate works by Andrew Murray.  We are not tackling the entire book, although I'm sure each woman will eventually do so on their own time, but we are studying #5 The Ministry of Intercession.

Our first meeting of this new group was held May 10th.  I called it INTERCESSION of 15 because there were 15 woman present  The six who have been here from the beginning:  Jeanne Oswald, Kathy Robinson, Norma Goodnight, Thelma Horton, Sandra Rhodes, Susan Joyce.  Newer members the past several years:  Connie Aston, Glenda Holmes, Judy Russell, Kristine Hembry, Phyllis Rathbone.  Recent new ones: Darlene Killion, Dee Hollenbeck, Jacque Cody (my daughter), Mary Killion.

Now, for the best part of all:  it has now become INTERCESSION of 15 and MORE because Wantha Ann Deaton, who was such a big part of WOW for so many years is returning and my close Soul Sister, Kathy Wright, (even though she lives in Phoenix) is following along with us with the book and interaction.

Our 2nd meeting, just 2 nights ago, not only the study itself, but the INTERCESSORY Prayer - which this is all about - was so powerful we were ALL moved to the core of our being.  I know GOD  " Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"  Philippians 1:6 kjv is doing just that.  By the way, that has been my life verse since I was first saved on September 24, 1956.

There are also 4 current members of WOW:  Carmel Field, Julia Arulsamy, Pam Reynolds, & Patty Ross who have not currently joined this new study yet.

In our small house I WILL manage to get all 21 of us in..... good thing we love each other and closeness!  

I praise and thank GOD for what He is doing and what HE is going to do within each of us individually and collectively. 

UPDATE :  I am blessed to add one more to this group!!!  My blog friend from South Africa, Retha.  Retha, along with Kathy W. is my Soul Sister and the 3 of us are truly a 3 Cord Strand.  Retha will add much depth and Spiritual Wisdom and Insight to this group and is a real Intercessory Prayer Warrior.  We are now 18!!! 

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madebyxmex said...

"good thing we love each other and closeness!"
And we have seen and heard the truth of it. I can almost say as Paul would have;
The testimonies of your love for each other has traveled all the way over this great distance to my hearing and loving it, I now want to commend you all on that and say as you continue to do so the love and grace of our LORD JESUS, who is the CHRIST, will be continued to be revealed through you and unto you.

Mari said...

What an amazing group God has blessed you with! I love the way this group has grown in faith and love, and how it blesses each of you, and honors God!
PS - I was praying for you yesterday. I always remember the day of Suzette's homegoing, as it is the same day as a friend who passed at 52, 8 years ago, and my Mom who passed at 69, 13 years ago. A hard day, but a day that we Christians can rejoice in as well.