Saturday, December 23, 2017

My 2018 Word - FULFILLMENT

The Second year, after beginning my blog, PENLESS WRITER, on January 31, 2007, I have always selected a WORD FOR THE YEAR.  My words for the past 8 years:  2009 Unity - 2010 Vulnerable - 2011 Persevere - 2012  Fervent - 2013 Expand - 2014 Forward - 2015 Steady - 2016 - Growth - 2017 - Victorious. These words have always been what I experienced in that year.  Victorious for 2017 has proved correct as Mickey & I both have walked Victorious through many, many health issues and are closing 2017 out in

My 2018 Word - Fulfillment

I had told Mickey, after our prayer time this morning, that God had not given me a word for 2018,  Then HE gave me Ful-fill-ment:  Noun - 1.The achievement of something deserved, promised or predicted. - 2.The meaning of a requirement or condition.  I knew it was my word because I truly have some promises from God's precious Word that I have stood on for years and am believing in 2018 they will come to fulfillment as predicted!

Since this is the 10th year for a word I looked up What 10 Means in The Bible..... The number 10 seems to reflect God’s authority or God’s governmental rule over the affairs of mankind.  Some scholars see 10 as the number of divine perfection.

I'm ready for God's divine perfection and FULFILLMENT in my life.  

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