Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Some of our dearest friends, Jack & Mary (below) celebrate their birthdays the same day, January 15th.

Last night 41 of their friends gathered with them, at a fancy Italian Restaurant, to celebrate this occasion

Here are the happy birthday couple.

Here is another shot of "Handsome Jack".

This is one shot of the group. The man in the white and woman next to him are two of our dear friends, Ron & Doty. Next to Doty is Mickey's empty chair (he was the photographer!) and in the shadows is another dear, close friend Jim. You'll see his wife in the next picture sitting across from Jim.

Here are our good friends of 33 years, who you've heard me talk about often and who traveled some with us in our RV days, Don & Barbara, then yours truly, and next to me, Karen, Jim's wife.

This is a shot of another wing of the table. We have met most of these people but they are not close, intimate friends.

Here is another shot of Don & Barbara.

It was a wonderful evening of honoring and celebrating the life of two marvelous Christian friends. Jack & Mary walk their talk and the fact that 41 people turned out to share this occasion with them speaks volumes. They are living examples of the Love and Kindness of their Lord and Savior, Jesus!!!

Mary is the one who gave Aric Mr. Ted T. Bear. You can read about it here.


Well, my de-lurker post did not bring you forth like I had hoped but I want to thank the 31 of you who left me such nice, encouraging comments. You know the feelings are mutual!!! We are truly a community here.


On Sunday I received this lovely You Make My Day Award from Cathy at Hazel Ruthes. Thank you so much Cathy. This means a lot to me because I wasn't even aware you read me that often!
I pass this YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD to ALL 31,
Mel, Myrna, Barbara, Cathy, KC, Deby, Cookie, Susie, Dawn, Michelle, Jeanette, Maalie, Chris, Larissa, Tammy, Alisun, Linds, Ruth, Groovy, Nadine, Ginger, Kathleen Marie, Susan, Jennifer, Lori, Tina, Rita, Carin, Sarah, and Pam,
who left me comments on my last blog about the de-lurkers........because YOU truly did make my day with your sweet comments.
Now lets ALL go out and Make Someone's Day a little brighter by showing we truly care.

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~~Deby said...

looks like a great time of fun and fellowship...

and congrats on your AWARD..and yes..I will accept I did officially post on your de-lurking post...and many others...

Thanks Susan,

Linds said...

Thanks! You know how much we all enjoy visiting, Susan. Your friends look as though they had a wonderful party. Old friends are so comfortable to be around, aren't they. They know all about us!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a fun time was had! i would be lost without your wonderful blog. I enjoy and treasure your friendship.

Anonymous said...

You dear friends are very blessed to have so many people celebrate their lives.

I am so very thankful for the friendship that the Lord has brought about between the two of us.

(Next time Mickey needs to snap a picture of you look very deep in thought.)

Nadine said...

You're too sweet. Thank you Susan. Now you've made my day.

Congratulations on your award and what a wonderful birthday celebration you all had.

Kc said...

Congrats Ms. Susan! You really are a day-maker. ;-)

Heather K said...

Hi Susan
thanks for stopping by with birthday greetings! Randal just read them. He seemed to be pleased to be getting greetings from far away!
looks like you guys had a giant birthday party

Diane Viere said...

Aren't friends just the best! It is always a joy, no matter the occasion to get together with life-long friends. It is especially fun, however, when you can celebrate birthdays!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today--it is always good to see you. It seems, our blogging community mirrors the joy of IRL friendships!


MightyMom said...

awe thanks!

lovely dinner!!

Barbara said...

Congrats. on award and thanks for passing it on Susan.
Another thought came to me why somepeople will not comment, people visit my blog from non-English speaking countries so they may not be able to. You may have the same.
Looks like you had a fun night out.
Thanks for visiting.

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful time! And what fun I'm sure you all had together.

I love being together in big groups of people!

The 15th is also my parents' anniversary - 42 years!!

It was nice to see a picture of Don - since we've emailed a few times!! Except the first one he was turned! heehee

Ruth said...

Awwww! Thanks Susan. YOU definitely make MY day with your posts! Bless you as you continue you penless blessings!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I finally made it to your blog. I am quite astonished -- it is actually your personal website and such a good job you do! I can obviously learn a lot from you....

Hope you are having a wonderful time on your early 50th Anniversay celebration; therefore, I send my early Congratulations!

Thank you for your continuous unselfish prayers and support.

Love, Dody

P.S. I am going to see if I can find the "delurking" post - you have my attention.