Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This is the 3rd installment of our Celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary which will occur October 4th.

We decided earlier that instead of doing one bang up party we would spend this year doing some wonderful things because it is a year to celebrate. In April we took a 9 day trip to Norfolk, Virginia to attend the Scottish Tattoo and visit family. In May we took a 2 day trip to Kansas City to visit the International House of Prayer. Last night, July 8th was our 3rd special event of this special year.

Mickey has always loved the music of this show and we play the CD often. Several weeks ago I, unbeknown to him, bought two tickets to attend it and surprised him with them.

We began our wonderful evening with a lovely meal at a Mexican Restaurant.

Then it was off to Tulsa's Performing Arts Theater to see this wonderful musical.

It was a packed house, and it was a Tuesday!!!!

The entire production was WONDERFUL. The voices magnificent, the costumes, set designs, sound effects and orchestra all could not have been better.

What a wonderful 3rd segment of our celebrating we enjoyed last night.

Here are our ticket stubs. We have such great seats. Absolutely dead center and about 1/2 way up on the main floor. If you haven't seen this production and get a chance to do so we would highly recommend it.

Wonder what the next segment of our celebrating will be??!!!!!!

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Maalie said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise for your husband on your Golden Wedding Penless. I am happy for you.

Now a single man, I shall never know such a delight.

Shirley said...

How very thoughtful of you! Phantom was my very first production that I went to. I saw it on Broadway and you are right - it is fabulous.

Tammy said...

Oh, how fun! And how sweet of you to do this for him!
I love some of the music from this show, too, though I've never seen it.

I do think your idea to celebrate all year is so wonderful!

I participated in Marriage Monday this husband and I have only been married 13 years and are still very much in the "work in progress" stage...
Although we didn't get married until our early 30's, I hope we will be one day celebrating our 50th year together and enjoying it as you and Mickey are blessed to do!
Come over and read my thoughts if you have time.

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
How wonderful that you're celebrating throughout the year!
We saw Phantom in SF for our 30th anniversary. Our seats were not nearly as centered as yours..
Isn't the music just wonderful??

Short Stop said...

Oh, Susan...I LOVE this show. We saw it in NY on Broadway and it was AMAZING. We listen to the soundtrack, too. You look beautiful in that red dress. Great color on you!

I'm trying to think about what you might be doing to celebrate next...but you and Mickey are so adventurous that I KNOW it will surprise us all!

Happy Anniversary Year!!! :)

Charlotte said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate to me. Your anniversary is the day before my birthday. We saw Phantom of the Opera in London a few years ago It was great. I love the music too.

... said...

what a wonderful way to celebrate such a monumentus occassion - with a bunch of mini celebrations.

seeing phantom of the opera must have been a awesome night for the two of you. such a great show.

Peculiar Blogs said...

How wonderful!! Sherria and Connie went to see it too and loved it too! Happy Early Anniversary again! :-)

weavermom said...

Fun, fun! I love that show- even though it's been a few years since I've seen it! :)

Happy 50th - can't wait to see what's next! :)

retha said...

You looked so beautiful in that outfit!
Wonderful that you did this for your husband.
I am a campaigner for long celebrations, something as special as your deserve to be whole year.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love the idea of spreading the celebration out!

Anonymous said...

Susan, this sounds like such a lovely way to celebrate this special anniversary!! I got to see Phantom of the Opera when I was in college in San Francisco sooo long ago and I still remember how exciting it was!!

I wanted to let you know that we finally have the internet again!! I'm so happy I'll be able to visit your blog and read your inspirational writing so much more often!!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the Phantom is incredible. I would love to go, but David...not so much. Maybe someday I'll convince him.

Glad you took the opportunity to go.

Anonymous said...

WOW, 50 years!!! Congratulations. Phantom of the Opera and Mexican food sounds like my ideal date, too.

The Olson's: said...

I've never seen this story, but I'm sure it would be amazing. What a great idea to surprise your sweetheart! I'm sure he loved that. Hmmm! I wonder what's next on the list for celebrating?!
~ Leanne

Susan said...

Awwww...I love it that you all are doing several things. I think that's a perfect way to celebrate a special year. I haven't seen the show, but I LOVE the music. My DH saw it in NYC and absolutely loved it.


Maxine said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate, Susan! I didn't know about this before. I think that's so appropriate to have several celebrations for such a worthy occasion.
You look so pretty in your picture, like a new bride! Congratulations to you guys. I'll probably say it again between now and October. God has richly blessed you.

Tina said...

Yes, what a wonderful surprise for your husband Susan. Sounds like a lovely evening.

Rose of Sharon said...

What a great idea Susan! I love it that you are celebrating all year long! You look so pretty in your red dress!

Hugs, Sharon

Lori said...

You inspire me to make 50 plus years.

You seem to still be having fun!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Susan, What a neat idea to celebrate your 50th installments! I would love to see the Phantom! Thank you so much for the 4th of July card! I have just today, been able to "open" it! That was such a sweet gesture and very much appreciated! :)

Hugs, Rhonda

groovyoldlady said...

Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate!

My inlaws celebrate their 50th next month and we've been at a loss as to what to do for them. It's tought to plan a party because all the invitees are older than they are and live 500 - 1,500 miles away. We thought about a couple of nights at a resort, but dad is in poor health and they'd have to haul along his big O2 tank.

Maybe a musical would be the ticket!

Congrats to the two of you for hanging in there. You provide a world full of shaky relationships with proof that stability CAN be found.

Jill said...

What a great idea to celebrate all year! I've sen Phantom once, a long time ago, and honestly could go over and over again and love it more every time.

Barbara said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. I saw this show on Broadway in 88 with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman on the day I flew back home. It was brilliant.