Sunday, December 27, 2009


WHAT - no church?
Because of this!
And this
our church services were called off today. Not only ours but most of the churches in the Tulsa area. We first watched Perry Stone & then Jentezen Franklin on TV and our beloved Pastor Gary send out an e-mail devotion so we had "church" of sorts.

So I baked butterscotch drop cookies.
The canister is full
and this is what is left on this plate that was stacked with lots more that got eaten throughout the day!!!

And I did
It is such fun. I can't believe I didn't join before now. Oh well, better late than never :o)

Since I shared some of my birthday cards with you yesterday I wanted to share our Christmas cards today.
We received sooo many beautiful Christmas cards this year. The "world" may not be celebrating CHRISTmas but the people of my world, who love Jesus, are. Who's report will we believe?
There were also quite a few of the family picture cards which are so nice to receive. I have always displayed them on the inside front door but since this door was almost filled up

I had to place these on the hall coat closet door. The card on the left bottom here is a darling hand made card we received from Kahri, Michael and their 4 kids. So cute!!! Really touched our hearts.
It was a fun, relaxed Snow Day and we enjoyed it.
Hope your Sabbath was a blessed as ours.
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Anonymous said...

Nice post Susan. You certainly were blessed with many Christmas cards!! Facebook really is a lot of fun, isn't it? Glad you had a nice relaxing day.


Kathy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Susan. No snow, but friends in from Portland, and we are soooo happy they're here. It's rare that we have out of town guests, and what a blessing this family is to us! Hugs from us Susan.

Debra said...

The snow looks lovely Susan! Of course that is coming from one who hardly gets to see snow!

Glad you are enjoying Facebook. I think we are "friends" now as I see your picture on my wall. Let me know if I need to re-invite! I don't do a lot on Facebook except annoy the grandkids LOL! It is a neat site though.

Take care and stay warm!

Just Mom said...

Our services were cancelled on Christmas Eve and Chrismas Day because of nasty weather. By Sunday, I was so ready to head to church and was elated when the soloist started leading us in Christmas music. :-D

Mari said...

It's been snowing here too, not in the quantities you got but a steady snow for the last day. Glad you had a nice day in spite of being inside!

Midlife Mom said...

We dodged a huge snowstorm and got rain instead. It just poured all day and evening, if it had been snow we would have been snowed under. Another one coming in tonight but only 4-6 inches coming. That's just a dusting for us! lol! Your cards are beautiful! Don't you just love the beautiful Christmas cards and birthday cards?! I would have cried too over the one from your grandson. Don't get so involved in FB that you give up blogging!!!!!!!! I have lost so many blogging friends to FB and I miss them so much. I did FB for a while but don't have time for both so I am deactivated for now. I do miss knowing what's going on with the nieces and nephews though, may have to activate again! lol! Have a Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's hard to imagine that your church was canceled due to that amount of snow, but I understand it's not normal for you to have any snow. We are prepared for major snow fall in Michigan and unless it's freezing rain or blizzard conditions church goes on. Our church never cancels.

It's currently colder in Texas than in Michigan. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the cookies!

Grandma Elsie said...

We had 13 inches of snow here so no church either but I also listened to Perry Stone, Jentzeen Franklin & John Hagee & David Jermiah. God is good. I sent you a request to be my friend on face book.I hope you will count me worthy to be your friend there too.I am just learning it and doing Farm Town and Farmville .they are fun for me a widow to have something to do.

Sharon said...

We were lucky to have that Blizzard and we have some 12-20ft drifts in our front yard. Churches,schools,and even Malls started shutting down on Tuesday night when the freezing drizzle started and it just got worse from there with 50mph winds.
We are going to try to have Christmas with the sons this weekend.
It is also my youngest sons birthday.
I don't care for FB either.
Thanks for sharing your cards with us.
God bless

retha said...

Very good idea for placing the cards.

Brenda said...

I remember when we pastored in TX and had a big snow/ice storm. It was our first winter there, and coming from CO we were used to it. We didn't think it any problem to go ahead and have church until Sunny went out to scrape the ice. He came back in and said "No church today!" The ice was literally an inch thick!

Sandra said...

Yes, I got to watch Perry Stone too!!! I might have to order that series he's teaching.