Sunday, December 27, 2009

Special Birthday Cards

I was blessed with so many wonderful birthday cards and selected a few of the really touching one to share with you.

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Birthday card from Granddaughter, Oksana. Reads: "Wishing you a birthday as warm as your smile, as welcoming as your hugs, as special as you. Have a Wonderful day. "

From my son, Marc: the inside continues: " I love you as my friend - someone who understands me, takes time to listen, and truly cares about how I'm doing. (to which I added as I read it - who asks a million questions!) I love what you've made me - a happy child, a grateful adult, and someone who will always look up to you. Happy Birthday."

"Sometimes, when the love is the strongest, that's when the fewest words are needed. Happy Birthday. Love You." From daughter, Suzette & son-in-love, Dave.

The above cards made me cry, (and yes my family is use to that!) but this one really made me bawl. From 10 year old grandson, Aric. Marc said he picked it himself and I was so touched he considers me a friend, as well as a grandma. The verse: "She looks at the world through experienced eyes and with wisdom she's gained through the years. She helps you to see just how good life can be. She's there through your smiles and your tears. She offers completely her help and support in everything you try to do - She's willing to share, to listen, to care. She's never too busy for you. She enriches the lives of all those who know her. The kindness she shows has no end- Her warm, gentle touch means so very much. She's your grandmother -- your special friend. Amanda Bradley There couldn't be a grandmother more wonderful than you Because you give a loving touch to everything you do -- That's why this comes with loving thoughts and thanks for all you've done And wishes that your birthday will be a happy one."

When I regained my composure enough I said, "Aric, did you read all those words as you picked out this card for me?" To which he responded, "Well, not ALL of them but I picked the card because it had a lot of words." Oh the innocence and honesty of a child. Aric really is a very gentle soul and I pray God he never loses these qualities.

This one is from my forever friend, Joan. The inside reads: "We're related by heart. And that's what really matters. Happy Birthday" and then she wrote in pen. Happy B D my dear friend - you have been a Christmas gift to me. Love you, Joan. " We truly are as close, or closer, than sisters and have been friends for 66 years. Joan & I have been through everything together and even though we haven't lived near each other most of these 66 years we are truly, not only Sisters in the Lord, but Sisters of the Heart.

Lastly I wanted to show the birthday card Suzette gave her sister, Jacque. The inside verse: "Love how we're different. Love you. Happy Birthday." It was so special because it is so true. No two girls could be different than our two daughters but they are each so very special.

Well, you can plainly see we are very serious about selecting cards and all of us will spend a lot of time, reading all the cards, and finding just the right one.

A special thank you also to George & Mary, Ginger, Carole, Brenda & Judy for remembering me with sweet birthday cards. Also, thanks for the many e-cards I received.

I am truly a blessed 72 year old woman!!!

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Just Mom said...

What sweet cards.

I also love all the flowers and vibrant colors. They warmed me up despite all the cold and snow outside my window.

Happy Birthday, Susan.

Mari said...

Those are so sweet! Picking out a card can take a lot of time, to find just the right one. They did great!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like those! Lots of pretty flowers!

retha said...

I can see how much you have been there and listened to those around you!

Anonymous said...

You are so worth celebrating!!!!

Barbara said...

Sending special birthday greetings your way Susan and pray you know God's richest blessings in this coming year.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful time of your birthday with us by way of your cards. You are blessed beyond words. : )

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to you! How sweet to see such pretty and thoughtful cards. I like the story that goes with each one. Do you keep them?