Monday, January 4, 2010


At the beginning of a new year I try and set some goals for myself.

1. To begin the new year with a 21 day fast. I will begin with a total (water only) fast for the first 4 days and then switch to fasting 2 meals a day. This is my 4th and last day of the total fast.

2. After I complete this 21 day fast I will fast one day a week for the 52 weeks. Haven't decided which day to choose for that yet.

3. To lose weight!!! This has been on my goal list year, after year, after year but they say you haven't lost the battle until you quit and I'm not a quitter so here goes again. My goal is 150 lbs and that will be a weight loss of 33 lbs.

4. For the month of January to not spend any money on groceries except for bread, milk, and fresh fruits & vegetables. I have a vast "store" of food on hand and know I can feed us from what is on my shelves and in our freezer and still not harm the supply I have put back for any emergency. Last year I worked very hard on putting back a lot of items.

5. I kept track of how my monthly spending each month on food and eating out compared to last year for that month and I plan to do the same this year. I will endeavor to reduce the amounts, or at least keep them the same. That may be hard with prices rising like they are.

6. To make an extra payment or two on the principal on our house mortgage. We currently owe only 1 year & 8 months and I'd sure like to get this house totally paid off and clear. I was able to make 3 extra payments in 2009.

7. My main goal for 2010 is to hear God's voice and be lead by His Spirit about each and every area of my life and then be obedient to do what He shows me.

I'd be interested to hear what your goals for 2010 are.

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Unknown said...

Well, you know my Word of the Year. Your goals sound equally as challenging. I wish you many victories with the Lord!!

Sohailah said...

love your goals. They are so good. I am challenged by them.

Sharon said...

I like you have started a new diet for 2010, but I have vowed to stick to it this year. I want to lose 50 lbs by July for our family reunion which we are hosting this yr.
I also want to strengthen my faith this year. I truly want to do better.
Thanks for sharing.

Just Mom said...

Wow. I'm impressed with your fast. I'm actually impressed with all of your goals for 2010.


Anonymous said...

Great list Susan! I wish we lived near one another, we could work at helping each other with the weight issue.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Those are some GREAT goals!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Very impressive list of goals!

Joy said...

You will loose those pounds on that fast for sure. I fast for 24 hour periods twice a week, usually lunch to lunch. But not during Christmas. I started again yesterday.
I'm so excited your house is nearly paid off. What a feeling that will be.
Great goals. I will think on mine. I had a word for the year last year. Deeper. I felt I did go a little deeper in the Word and with the Lord, but this is a life-long goal.
I'll think of some more suitable for the year.
One of them is to not volunteer so much. I never can figure out if it is a good thing or a bad thing all this volunteering.
♥ Joy

Brenda said...

Sounds like your goals are attainable. You can do it!

Fitter After 50 said...

The first few days without water is an accomplishment in itself. You have some other realistic goals in the mix so I just know you'll achieve them.

Carole Burant said...

Happy New Year, dear Susan! Finally have a free day ahead of me to do nothing but visit my dear blogging friends:-) You certainly have chosen some challenging goals for this new year, you truly inspire me. I would also like to lose weight but have never tried the fasting way, not sure I could do that! lol Keep the house decluttered, spend less money, have a close relationship with my son Shawn again without any interference from his wife and be true to myself...hopefully I will do well this year with all of those goals:-) xoxo

Susan said...

Sew - You misunderstood I do drink water during this fast.

Unknown said...

I plan on paying off the rest of our credit cards! Only a ittle over $1,000.00 left to go to be totatlly credit card debt free!

retha said...

You have your thoughts put down.

Number 4 is very interesting.

Momma Roar said...

I'm so thankful you've listed your goals because they've given me some things to think about!

Kathy said...

Susan, Your goals seem reasonable, and that attaining them would be beneficial.

My big goals this year is continual decluttering and organizing. My word for the year is contentment, and my verse is Psalm 86:11 "Teach me Your ways O Lord that I may walk in your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name (or, Give to me an undivided heart...).

Blessings, Susan. I love you more than words can say, and I'm guessing that somehow the Holy Spirit can communicate that to you just fine! : ) KATHY

Dawn said...

Great goals. My word of the year is "Trust - the same as Becky's. It should be a great year.

My sis and I are leading PRISM in our church - a Biblically centered weight loss program. I'm excited.

Sandra said...

My goals are to lose weight too and to get rid of 'things' I'm not using and to organize my studies.

I've been thinking about 'HOPE' and what it means so that may be my word from the Lord for 2010. The word 'FAITH' has been a word the Lord has given me for my lifetime to walk out.

Crystal said...

I've enjoyed reading your list of goals. I like the definite, attainable results you will be able to see. Praying that 2010 will be rich in blessings and God's provisions for you both!