Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOME CATCHING UP on The King's Kitchen

With my computer being out of service for a couple of weeks, and not having access to my picture files, I missed a very important occasion. The arrival of The King's Kitchen Oliver microwavable sealing machine.

Hence, for posterity, and our family records here are the pictures.

The box marked Oliver contains the machine and the other box is 600 black plastic microwavable 3 part trays and a roll of the covering plastic film.
Mickey reading the instructions. Side view

. Attaching the heavy roller bar.
The frame where the 3 part tray sits.

The large flat heating plate.

Opening the tray supplies.

These arrived on Thursday, March 4th and we were able to use it for the delivery of our 5th week of Tuesday delivery on March 9th. Everything worked like a charm. We are blessed to have received enough donations to cover the cost and shipping of this wonderful machine. Thanks to all those at Coweta Assembly that are supporting this ministry and making it possible.

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Mari said...

What a great help to your ministry this will be!

Sharon said...

How wonderful and it looks like it will help the kitchen project.
It is so wonderful of you and your church to do GOD's work here on earth.
How many dinners do you deliver to now?

Anonymous said...

One more milestone in Mickey's vision. So wonderful!

Kathy said...

So amazing what God is doing!!! Thank you for sharing this very special occasion with us! : )

Joy said...

It looked kind of complicated to put together. Glad it went well and using it was easy too.
I know you all will put this to good use and it will bless so many.
♥ Joy

Mary said...

Cool! And he got it together ok?

Oklahoma Granny said...

I was curious what a machine like that looked like. I'm sure it makes a huge difference to your ministry.

Sunny said...

Wow! This is totally awesome! From having our honey business, I know how having the right machinery makes the work go faster and smoother! God doesn't do things half-way!

Maxine said...

That's a very impressive looking machine, Susan. This makes your ministry all the more of a blessing as you can seal the plates up really tightly. Hope all has continued to go well.

Brenda said...

That's great, Susan. Anything to help the process go smoother right?!