Friday, January 7, 2011


Boy - what a year this has been!!! I like to recap the previous year with the most important occurrence of each month. Here goes for 2010.

JANUARY - We had first a huge ice storm and then a 6 1/2" snow fall on January 30th. On a national level: Brown was elected as Senator in Mass. to replace Edward Kennedy. This was a big up-set and set the stage for the November election.

FEBRUARY - Two BIG events in our lives: Marc & Deann married on February 12th in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and The King's Kitchen served it's first meal on February 9th.

MARCH - Not a good month from the problem side. I cracked and split my ceramic cook-top and my computer crashed!! On the good side, my friend Sandra started a prayer shawl ministry at our church and I began my first shawl for my family members.

APRIL - I participated in an Easter Drama at CAG called Choices the 8th-9th-10th. Mickey made 2 trips to emergency for de-hydration.

MAY - The first honey harvest of the year - completed my first prayer shawl for Jacque and Mickey had my grandfather clock repaired for Mother's Day.

JUNE - The death of our brother-in-law, Ronnie Seeley, and a trip to Tennessee for the funeral.

JULY - Served for the first time as Clerk at the primary election. Finished my 2nd prayer shawl for Suzette.

AUGUST - Our Pastor, Gary Rogers, resigned and our Associate Pastor, Steven Lee, was voted in unanimously to be the Senior Pastor of Coweta Assembly of God.

SEPTEMBER - The biggest fight of our life began on the 23rd and 24th when Suzette was hospitalized and then diagnosed on the 28th with stage IV lung cancer.

OCTOBER - The entire month was consumed with Suzette getting a 2nd diagnoses, which included a trip to The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Her first chemo was finally done on October 30th. David and Karin flew in from California for a weeks visit.

NOVEMBER - Paid off our Home Mortgage on 11-10-10. The first time in our 52 years of marriage to OWN our home free and clear. Suzette too ill for her and Dave to be with us at our Thanksgiving and celebration of Dave & Mickey's birthdays :o(

DECEMBER - CT scan results on the 9th - the tumor had not only stopped growing but had shrunk!!!!!! One of the best Christmas celebrations ever.

Only God knows what 2011 holds for us, but we are expecting good things and we certainly know who holds our hand - OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

You had quite a year in 2010!

Sharon said...

It sounds like you did have a lot of up and downs in 2010 but I know that with God's love you will be even stronger in 2011.
Prayers continuing for Suzette and your family.

Kathy said...

And those were just the highlights! Wow. It was quite a year. I think every blogger should write a post summarizing the year: especially as Christians, we realize how God's hand has led us and been in our lives throughout the year, how He is God, was God, through the good and bad. He is sovereign, and will be through this year and the next. (Think I'm going to do one of these maybe this weekend!)

Mari said...

What a year! And through it all, you had the certainty that God was with you. I liked seeing the start of the prayer shawl ministry and the fact that you had made one for Suzette before she was diagnosed.

Sohailah said...

great review! Love it - wow -two trips to the Emergency for dehydration... yikes! Still so excited about what the Lord is doing in Suzette's life (and so many others as they follow her story)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Hi Susan,
Just stopping by to check on you and Suzette, glad to hear all is well!

Good idea to post a monthly highlight of the year. I'm taking a blogging break, praying about what to do next.


Dawn said...

It was indeed an amazing year. I hope next year is a bit better for us!

retha said...

Thank you for the card Susan ma'am.

Crystal said...

God has been there through it all, hasn't He? He is simply amazing! I'm so glad to hear that Suzette is doing better - praise God!! Happy New Year - and hopefully there will be no big storms for you this month!

Lady Jane said...

That was one heck of a year!!! Prayers to Suzette and her family.