Wednesday, January 5, 2011


For the last 2 years the Lord has given me a word for the year. In 2009 it was UNITY and I really liked that word :o) In 2010 it was VULNERABLE and I did not like that word. I knew that by being willing to make myself vulnerable I would be opening myself up to the unknown. Boy has that been true this year for me and my family!!!

As 2011 was approaching I kept asking the Lord what my word was to be. It did not come until last Saturday, which was January 1, 2011 and the word is:

According to


1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.

According to my Webster's New World Dictionary (well it was new when published in 1971 )!!!

1. to continue doing something in spite of difficulty, opposition, etc.

I could not find the word persevere in the Bible but I did find one verse for:


steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.
Theology . continuance in a state of grace to the end, leading to eternal salvation.

Ephesians 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. KJV

Ephesians 6:13-18 Be prepared. You're up against far more than you can handle on your own. Take all the help you can get, every weapon God has issued, so that when it's all over but the shouting you're still on your feet. Truth, righteousness, peace, faith and salvation are more than just words. Learn how to apply them. You'll need them throughout your life. God's Word is an indispensable weapon.. In the same way, prayer is essential in the ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each others spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out. The Message


How great and loving my God is to give me this word!!!!! Thank you, Jesus.

Yes, I will PERSEVERE and I will have PERSEVERANCE and I will be shouting when it's over and I'm still on my feet!!!!

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Joy said...

And when He has tried me I shall come forth as gold. That came to mind as I read your post.
♥ Joy

Momma Roar said...


I'm feeling a bit vulnerable about the word laid on our hearts this year but am trusting in Him for a wonderful 2011!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post as always.
Your word for 2011 is one that I am very sure that you will handle with the Lord's help.
Prayers and Hugs

Mari said...

I think that is the perfect word for this year. You will!

Devoted said...

Amen, sister, AMEN!!!! I love it!

Saija said...

thank you for sharing that ... quite powerful ... it gives hope and a task ... all at once ...

Deborah said...

What a great word to take you through the year! It goes well with my verse for the year, Seek the Lord and his strength: seek his face evermore. Psalm 105:4
I think I'll take your word along with me!

Kathy said...

We'll pray it in with you, Susan. You may know, mine is "obey." Wow. I think that implies serious perseverance.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I really enjoy your posts, Susan. I look forward to reading more great ones this new year!

Persevere is a great word and I like what was said in one of the comments about it being a hope and a task all at once.

Have a wonderful day,

Mountain Mama said...

It's wonderful that He gives you a new word for the year.
I could do with a little perseverance myself right now. Thank you for sharing.

Tiffany said...

You have already started that journey, even before this new year began. He Will bring you through this with His strength and your willingness to persevere. I shared my word a couple days ago -deliver.