Thursday, January 19, 2012

CHRIST - Throughout the Bible

There are those who have gone through the Bible and traced the story of Jesus.

Genesis - Seed of the woman
Exodus - Passover Lamb
Leviticus - Atoning Sacrifice
Numbers - Smitten Rock
Deuteronomy - Greatest Prophet
Joshua - Caption of the Lord's Host
Judges - Deliverer
Kings - Promised King
Nehemiah - Restorer of the Nation
Ester - Advocate
Job - Redeemer
Psalms - Shepherd
Proverbs - Pattern
Eccleslastes - Goal
Song of Solomon - Satisfier
Books of the Prophets - Coming Prince of Peace
Gospels - One who came to seek and to save
Acts - Risen Lord
Epistles - Representative at the Father's right hand
Revelation - Returning Lord

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Marti said...

I loved you showing the thread of Christ through out the Bible, and to know that thread continues through our lives.

Mari said...

He is the thread that goes through the whole Bible. I have a Jesus Storybook Bible that through each story shows the theme of Christ. I bought it for Alaina when she was born because I love how every story points to Christ!