Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Above & Beyond God

On April 22nd I wrote about Real Christianity and told you I would follow up after we held our opening class.  Well, May 6th, was that day.

This is part of what I wrote in that blog (the book I am referring to is The 10 Second Rule by Clare De Graff):
As we were reading  this book I kept saying to Mickey, "I wish someone would teach this at our church.  I just know that if 10 to 20 people really DO what this book teaches it would revolutionize not only our church but our community."  The more I prayed about this the more Christ was saying to me:  "YOU do it!"  

Kent & I were assigned Room #418 which is on the second floor of the ORC (Outreach Center) Building.  When we went to look it had 25 chairs.  BUT GOD BROUGHT IN 30!!!!  Mickey had to pull in 5 more chairs.  The chairs are placed in a large circle and not in rows.

 I began by sharing how the class had come about and a brief overview of what I feel God is going to do. I told everyone that I had been praying, for the past 8 weeks, that God would place whom He wanted to be in this class and that I knew they were there because God answers our prayers. Kent asked for prayer requests and then  lead in prayer. We pointed out that Kent & I are not "teachers" but facilitators who are going on this journey with the class.  I gave a brief presentation with a flashlight, based on Psalm 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Which I had been blessed to hear, in person,  from Bill Cloud the Sunday evening before!!!  I love the way God gives us things to use and learn just as HE knows we need them.  Kent gave a brief presentation, which he had gotten from watching Frances Chan, using a long white rope with a short area of red on the end,  The long rope represents eternity, and the short area of red our lives here on earth.

Then we went around the room and everyone gave their name and told a little bit about themselves.  It was really interesting and a good way for everyone to start becoming more familiar with each other.  Next, Kent talked about us wanting a 13 week commitment from each of them and how this was not a game or a competition and tied it in with my earlier presentation about OUR path that The Word is lighting for us individually.  

When Kent asked how many were willing to commit to the 13 weeks EVERY hand in the room went up!!!!  Then we passed out the books and gave out the first assignment: read "About the Author", "Preface" and "Chapter 1" and come prepared next week to discuss what God has shown and spoken to them. I closed in prayer.  

One young woman said, "I've taken a part-time job so I may have to miss a few Sundays, but I've already decided I will type out what  God has shown and spoken to me that week, e-mail it to Mrs. Susan and she can read it to you."  Now that is the spirit - thank you Tanzy!!!!

We have had many wonderful comments about the class, but I want to share a special one that Jeanne posted on my fb wall: Just a note to let you know, Susan Errett Joyce and Kent Rife, you did a wonderful job giving the overview for the Real Christianity class. I told Kent you have eliminated the things that I don't like about small, classroom is too hot, the chairs are uncomfortable and one person controls the entire class time. You didn't even use the stinky white board markers! ;) Thank you thank you thank you! I'm excited to see what God does in this class! Your door greeter did a good job (Mickey) and Kathy Robinson was doing a great job keeping up the paper work. 
You guys are awesome!

Mickey, Kent & I are excited about what OUR ABOVE & BEYOND GOD has already done and what HE has in store for ALL of us. We covet your prayers!!! 

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Mari said...

What a wonderful start to your time together. I can't wait to hear what God has in store for this group.

Brenda said...

I'm glad it the first day turned out so well for you, Susan!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wonderful my dear friend.

retha said...

I like your approach.

Sharon said...

I am so glad that your class turned out so wonderful.
I enjoyed reading it.
I am not sure of our schedule in Tulsa but it would be nice to meet you in person,
I am coming down with my son and family.
Could you email me your phone # and I could give you a call and see if we could get together for coffee.'Hugs

Sharon said...

Susan I just wanted to let you know that graduation is May 24th.
I have never heard of a middle of the week graduation.

Sunny said...

Sounds like it is off to a great startSusan!