Saturday, May 19, 2012


Enjoy every precious moment and time together.
I am SOOO thankful that Suzette & I had so many just she and I. I'm so thankful that we've always been so close as a family and have always truly loved each other and shared all the special occasions together.  
Those memories are precious treasurers to cherish.

My life is but a weaving between my God and me,
I do not choose the colors, He works so steadily,
Oft' times He weaves in sorrow, and I in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper,
and I the underside.  Corrie Ten Boom

I can honestly say I never forgot for one minute, since her diagnosis and her going to heaven, that we were seeing only the underside and I trust HIM and HIS plans & purposes for now & beyond into eternity.

I was given not only one but two beautiful, lovely daughters,
Jeri Suzette & Jacqueline Renee 1 year and 9 days apart.
Suzette - December 13, 1954 - May 19, 2011

Suzette you are so loved and so sorely missed 
but I will see you again and spend eternity with you.

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Ginger said...

Remembering the Joyce family today in our prayers. I find it hard to even have words to share Susan. I can only rest in His promise to give your comfort and to sustain you each day.

May the beautiful moments and memories flood your heart and soul.

Much love always!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Gentle, loving huggles. What a blessing to have so many wonderful memories and the knowing you will see Suzette again one day is so awesome. Love to you my friend.

Mari said...

I remember the day Suzette went to glory because it's also the anniversary of the day my Mom went - 9 years ago, and a good friend - 6 years ago.
Praying for you all on this first anniversary, and thankful for the many memories you have along with the knowledge that you will meet again.

Sylvia said...

Don't feel I can add anything to what Ginger has said Susan, apart from Amen. With love

Barbara said...

A daughter is someone you hold in your arms for a while, but in your heart forever.

Blessings to you Susan and the family and know that you are being thought of across the pond.

retha said...

Only love from us here in the far south.

Mountain Mama said...

Guess I am doing too much Facebook. I was going to click 'like' to your post. Anyway I just want to say that I understand your heart. I'm so sorry that Suzette is not physically in your life right now but I know as you do that the day is coming when we will be with our precious children for all eternity. I long for that day as I know you also do. Love you dear Susan.

kc bob said...

A pastor I know knew Corrie and he used a weaving that she gave him to illustrate that quote. Love what it says about sorrow be woven into the fabric of our lives.

Thanks so much for sharing this and you wonderful heart here Susan. I look forward to the day when we will fellowship with Suzette in glory.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I have heard something very similar to what Corrie said. (I love her books, btw) Our lives are like a beautiful tapestry. We can only see the knotted and jumbled threads below, God sees the beautiful picture on the other side.

Jill said...

Thinking of you, dear Susan!