Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My seventh book for 2013: 'CHANGE YOUR WORDS - CHANGE YOUR LIFE' by Joyce Meyer.

Joyce Meyer had a VERY big impact on my life in 1991 at  a  time when I was hurting badly: my foundation had taken a bad blow and I was trying to regain my bearings.  I would go out to my car every day during my lunch break at work and listen to her on the radio.  I had never heard of her before and she was not too well known at the time.  I also attended one of her conferences held at the ORU Maby Center when the crowds were small and she still called people down front to be prayed for.    

A couple of the quotes from this book that really jumped out at me are:  "Humility is said to be the chief virtue and more likely the most difficult to grow into.  A humble person is totally dependent on God for all things, and she never thinks more highly of herself than she ought to.  She doesn't consider that she is superior to any other person.  When a person has a humble heart and attitude, it always shows through in how she speaks to and about other people.  It is also evident in how she talks about her own lot in life."

"Humility never has an attitude of entitlement, and it considers every tiny blessing to be undeserved and a gift from God.  Therefore, it doesn't complain and murmur about its life.  It waits patiently for God to change whatever circumstances He desires, and trusts that He will give the needed strength to endure whatever must be endured with good temper."

"Pride is always jealous, because it assumes that it deserves what others have."

"Pride often accuses another of what it is guilty of, but has failed to see.  Prideful people are so busy judging and being critical of others that they are blinded to their own misconduct by their pride."

Our words are truly so important in the life that we live.  I found this to be a very refreshing read and reinforced truths that I know at a time I needed it with standing,believing and trusting for healing of my right knee.

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Anonymous said...

This was very inspirational for me today.
I do hope that you are healing everyday.
Have a Happy St.Pat's Day.

retha said...

Seems I can retype my previous comment, let me not have a log in the eye and try look for the speck in another's.