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REVIVE 2013 
was a conference put on by The Hebraic Roots Network
Mickey & I have been learning and studying about our Hebraic Roots for the last 4 years.  It began in March, 2009 when my friend, Sandra, started a home Bible study and the book we studied was Enmity Between the Seeds by Bill Cloud.  Last July we went to a Hebraic Conference in New Mexico.

We just returned from spending 4 wonderful days in Dallas.  Marc & Aric took us but did not attend the conference but had a grand time also.

The morning of Friday, June 21st as we were leaving our home in Coweta..
Marc took us directly to the Sheraton, downtown Dallas, so we were there for the afternoon session which began at 2.  Then Marc & Aric went on to the Doubletree (where we had reservations) to get our room and put up the luggage.
Mickey & I each standing by the directory boards showing ALL the many events.
There were Breakout Sessions each day both morning & afternoon and General Sessions each evening from 6:30-10 in the Ballroom.
Marc & Aric picked us up at 4:30, after the last breakout session on Friday, and we went to Chuey's where we meet Marc's life-long friend, Dave, 
Another shot at Chuey's of Marc & I. 
Back to the Conference, 6:30-10.  This is a shot Mickey took of me during the worship.
There were 1200 people attending and we were in the 2nd of 3 sections back.
The first section in front of us.  We tried to take a lot of pictures but sadly, because it was dark and so crowded  these are the only 2 that turned out.
The General Sessions were wonderful with 2 speakers each night, plus lots of worship, and dancers.
Taking a rest in a comfortable chair during a short break!!
It was a grueling schedule and we were attempting to take in everything we could!!! 

There were a total of 18 different speakers - and 6 or 7 breakout sessions going on at a time so the biggest problem was choosing which speaker to hear.
This is Bill Cloud, who is our favorite Hebraic Teacher/Speaker and the main reason we attended this conference.  So naturally we went to his sessions each time (we missed the Friday a.m. since we didn't arrive until noon)  
The other teacher we choose was Brad Scott and we now have another wonderful "favorite" . 
We also heard Richard Rives, Ed Harris, Rico Cortes, Valerie Moody.  
On Saturday Marc & Aric had ridden the Dart (Dallas transit system/train),  Met Dave 1/2 way between Dallas & Fort Worth for lunch and then toured the new George Bush Library at SMU.  They were really impressed with the Library and the SMU campus and drove us around to see it.  They had also located this cute eatery called The Twisted Root Burger Company where we had delicious burgers & malts before returning to Revive for the evening session. 

Another highlight for us was attending an actual Torah Service from 1-2 on Friday. 

There was a Market Place where you could purchase LOTS of items.  
This is our friends Stan & Heather's booth of their Torah Puppets.  
We purchased 3 dvd's of their puppets and we purchased a 5-set dvd of Brad Scotts and then ordered dvd's of the 2 General Evening Sessions we attended.  There was LOTS of wonderful items we could/would have liked to purchase!!!

Each day we did not attend the 1st morning session but rather all went out to breakfast together and then attended the 2nd breakout sessions at 10:30.

We left after the last breakout session on Sunday from 3:30-4:30 and did not stay for the 6:30-10 general session because we had made arrangements to spend that evening  with Mickey's niece and her family North of Dallas.  I am going to do a separate post about our wonderful evening with them. 

Back to Coweta!!  Tired but happy & blessed.
Aric & Marc ready to take the last leg of this journey from our home in Coweta to theirs in Owasso.

Thanks to our wonderful son Marc for making this trip possible, and being such a blessing to us.  I know everyone thinks their kids are the best~~~~~~~~but Mickey & I KNOW that this son and grandson are!!!!

Just saw this wonderful picture on fb and wanted to add it here on this post about REVIVE 2013.

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Mari said...

I agree! Marc and Aric are a real blessing. Sounds like a very interesting weekend!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...busy few days for all of you! Glad you were able to get away and take it all in!

retha said...

I always like the pictures of your 'boys' Susan ma'am. Good time you had.